Wednesday, July 08, 2009

First words?

My baby had woken up from his nap. He was curled up in his bed so cute, with his hands crossed, and his chin resting in his hands.

I walked over to his crib to get him up. I, his Mama, who carried him in my womb for nine months. I, who gave birth to him. I, who have been giving him life-sustaining milk for the past year. I, who change his dirty and stinky diapers. I, his Mama, who sings his favorite sleepy time song three times a day. He looked up at me with those dark, dark brown eyes, smiled a happy, almost gleeful smile, and said,



Anonymous said...

That's my boy! :)

- Joel

Marsha said...

Go figure...that was the first thing both of my girls said too. :)

Chuck said...

don't get too paranoid it has something to do with their ability to pronounce the "d" sound very early

Elizabeth said...

Aww :) (aww that's cute and aww!! I'm sorry he didn't say mama! :) Maybe it's just because he loves you soooo much that he says it better with his eyes :) :)


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