Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Taking the 'day off'

Every now and then, you need a day that is not 'normal'. Plus, I never want to get old and look back on my younger years and wish that I had spent more 'fun' time with my kids. So, yesterday, we packed up and headed off to a local State Park for the morning. The kids played on the play-ground and swam in the little lake, and had a BLAST!! And, I had fun just hanging out with my kids :) Below are some of our fun moments together. I really do love these little people!

Eli, my fearless one.

"Peekaboo, Mommy, I see you!'' (Noah)

Cosette, demonstrating how she 'walks on her hands'

Noah LOVED the sand!

Working on a sand castle together

By the time we were done, Noah had sand
in his ears, up his nose, and in his mouth.

"Don't splash the camera!"

Eli demonstrating his 'upside down' trick

Our picnic lunch

And finally, a short video of Cosette actually
doing her 'crab walk' Don't worry, she loses
her balance for a few seconds at the
beginning of the clip, but she doesn't fall ;)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

What to do on a beautiful Sunday evening....

Pick some wild-flowers!

Go for a bike ride with your Grandpa!

Or, Just have a nice time hanging out with your Grandma :)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

I love.....

......summertime; my beautiful girl in her pretty flowered dress with her adorable pig-tails; how Cosette adores her baby brother; being 'Mama' to three wonderful children; living this blessed life with Joel; and finally, learning how to live 'more abundantly' in HIM.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Moments I want to remember

Mama: "Eli, say Sssssandwich, not Hhhhandwich"

Eli: SSssssss......HHHHandwich!

We were visiting my parents, and my brother had just gotten home from work. He had taken a shower, and his hair was still very wet. He wisked Noah out of my hands, and went off with him for a few minutes, playing with him and making him laugh. Soon, though, he brought him back. "Here, Jaime, he needs a dry diaper, his shorts are all wet." Me: "Oh, I didn't realize. I thought he was dry when I handed him to you." But, sure enough, his shorts were soaked. I pulled them off, and was really confused when I felt his perfectly dry diaper. "Um, Wray.....what were you doing with him? His diaper is dry!" Wray: "Nothing, I just.....oh yeah, I put him on top of my head!!" :)
My Grandma to Cosette: "Cosette, you can't play in Gradma's backyard today, because the neighbors saw a Bob Cat in their driveway this morning."
Cosette: "Really? My Pappy Dale has one of those"
Grandma: "He DOES??"
Cosette: "Yeah, he lets my Daddy borrow it sometimes, and we keep it in our driveway for a while till Daddy is done with it.
Grandma: "You DO??" A BOBCAT??
Cosette: "Yep"
(Grandma asked me about this later, very confused, until I assured her that Cosette was referring to Grandpa Dale's Bob Cat DIGGER, not an animal :)
Me: What kind of icecream are you going to get, Eli?
Eli: I dunno
Me: I was thinking we could get you something healthy, like, vanilla-broccoli icecream.
Eli: Shocked into a look of stupor
Cosette: NO, Mama!
Mama: Then, how about brussel-sprout-chocolate?
Eli: (Now over his initial shock) Ewwww!!
Cosette: Mama, do they REALLY make icecream like that?? *smile*

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Just the boys

Cosette is at my Grandma's house today to spend the night, and it's amazing how the dynamics of our family change without her here! Mama with two boys feels much different than Mama and Cosette and two boys!!
I decided to try to have a fun day with the boys since I don't get to have just them very often. We all went to the library and picked out fun books, then I took them to Arby's for lunch, where Eli quickly devoured an entire Jr. Roast Beef Sandwich, then we ran a quick errand to Dollar General. Upon returning home, I realized that I could take them on a bike-ride by myself, since there were only two of them, not three :) So, I packed the boys up into the bike tag-along, and off we went. We went to the end of the road and back. And then, they were laughing and giggling so much, that we went to the top of the hill and back again :) When we came in, we sat on the couch and read through a pile of library books---skipping all the 'girly' ones I had picked out for Cosette :) So, I read books about a disobedient puppy, a milk-man, and something else, which I can't remember :)
The boys are both sound asleep right now, and I'm blogging on my lap-top sitting on my bed, since Cosette is not taking a nap in here today :)
I enjoyed my day with just the boys---it's nice to have some 'individual attention' time with just them every once and a while. But, I will be glad when my Cosette girl gets home again. I miss her!!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Tall and Slim

That's how Noah is measuring as of his one year doctor's appointment on Friday. His height is 31 inches, which puts him right around the 90th percentile. His weight is 20 pounds, 5 ounces, which puts him.... in the 10th percentile :) Which, by the way, is nothing to be concerned about---he's growing great---he's just putting it all into his height!!
I just found this all amusing, because my other two kids were always the opposite around this age---on the shorter side, and not quite so slim :) What is that my sister recently said? "The younger kids get all the 'left-over' tall genes :) I think she might be on to something there.... :)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Noah!

Well, I meant to post these yesterday, but woke up with a fever and was on the couch sick all day :( Fortunately, I'm feeling alot better today, so here you go :)

One year ago yesterday, my Noah-boy was born. And, as any parent would tell you, our lives have never been the same! He was our 'surprise' baby, and apparently God knew better than we did what/who we needed!! I love that little boy like crazy!
Joel and I have made a recent decision regarding birthday parties in our household. With all of the cousins in our family (there are currently 9 under the age of 5), it would make for alot of parties each year! So, we've decided to simplify things for our family. For most birthdays in the future, we will be keeping things quieter and simpler. The kids will pick out a McDonald's meal, and maybe cupcakes or something. All birthdays, that is, except the FIRST birthday :) And, since this was Noah's first birthday, we wanted to have all of our family there for him. We're so glad we did---he had a fun time, and so did we. Plus, we got lots of cute pictures to remember it by in the future :)
Since we just did alot of work on our back yard, and put in the new swing-set, we decided to have an outside party for him.

Grandpa Dale--Joel's Dad

Cosette and Aunt Kristin

All the cousins playing with my brother



Noah Shaun with his namesake :)

All the kid waiting for more sparklers

Noah enjoying his birthday sparkler
(No, he was not holding it, my Dad was.)

Fun in the swing

And finally.....
Hmm...this is interesting
Yum, pretty good banana cake, mom!
Oh yeah, I'm really getting into this now!


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My baby turns ONE tomorrow.......

And his party is tonight!!! Check back soon for pictures :)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bible School

Remember being a little kid and going to Bible School? Remember how it felt like each night was soooo long, and the week was just one fun-filled, long-lasting event? Well, my kids got to experience that this week! Our church did an awesome outdoor 'camping' themed Bible School. I did not help out this year because I knew it'd be too difficult with Noah, but Joel helped each evening. I was a little nervous about sending my 'babies' to Bible School, but I discovered that they're alot more grown-up than I realized :) Here are some fun pictures that I caught on their last night there.

All ready to leave for their final night.

Eli outside his classes tent. They were the
'Leapin Lizards' :)

Now without the hat so you can see his eyes :)

Cosette outside her tent. (The little tent she is standing beside

was just for 'show'--their class met in the 'big' tent :)

A close-up of my pretty girl

Eli working on his craft with his teachers.
His class was the largest, with close to 20
kids each night. I think there were between
75 and 85 kids each evening.

Cosette showing off her craft

Cosette and a friend

Cosette and her class

And finally, enjoying ice-cream after the closing program

And that was my kids week. A little tiring for my family---late bed-times and busy evenings make for grumpy children during the day, but it was definitely worth it!! They are already looking forward to their next Bible School next year :)

Friday, July 10, 2009

My helper

Cosette is turning into my little helper. She usually always feeds Noah his breakfast in the morning, and lately, she has been asking to 'read' his Bible stories to him too. I caught them on the couch this morning during this special time :) It's really cute---she says all the same words and does it all the same way that I do :)

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

First words?

My baby had woken up from his nap. He was curled up in his bed so cute, with his hands crossed, and his chin resting in his hands.

I walked over to his crib to get him up. I, his Mama, who carried him in my womb for nine months. I, who gave birth to him. I, who have been giving him life-sustaining milk for the past year. I, who change his dirty and stinky diapers. I, his Mama, who sings his favorite sleepy time song three times a day. He looked up at me with those dark, dark brown eyes, smiled a happy, almost gleeful smile, and said,



Feeling rather discouraged today---it happens to all of us. But, God must have known, because I opened up my blog-reader, and look at all the precious jems I found there:

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Here is an excellent post about 'The Home Warrior'

Visit this blog to see how God has been watching over my brother recently

Go see my brother-in-law if you want some challenging thoughts on following God's lead in your life---even in regard to where you live.

And finally, visit one of my favorite blogs for more wonderful links than I could ever share with you!

Take time to read some of these---they're worth it!!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

A new look (Or, showing off my new hair-cut :)

I know, I know, you rarely, if ever see pictures of ME on here, and not my children, so don't faint or anything :) I got a somewhat drastic hair-cut yesterday (drastic for me!!), and I am really happy with it. I have really thick, wavy hair, so I needed a cut that would work with it. I don't have time to straighten it or anything in the morning, so it had to be something that would look okay with my natural waves. And, the end result was, I think, just what I was looking for. This was a big change for me, because yesterday at this time, my hair was half-way down my back :) The beautician kept saying, with scissors in her hand: ''You're sure? Are you SURE you're sure??" LOL. I love it, Joel says he loves it, Eli doesn't care, and Cosette said "But MOM!! You're hair isn't long anymore!!" Oh well---three out of four isn't bad :)

So, drum roll please, the new 'Jaime style....'

Monday, July 06, 2009

A lovely lady

Cosette really, really loves to dress up! Okay, what little girl doesn't? I remember my own favorite dress up outfits from when I was a little girl. A friend from church found a big bag of dress up clothes that her daughter used to dress up in when she was a little girl. Having no need of them anymore, she gave them to us---and Cosette was thrilled, to say the least. A few of them needed 'taken in', so while I was doing that for her this morning, I decided to snap a few pictures of my little 'lovely lady' :)

First, the Bride....

Then....I dunno....some kind of Spanish Dancer??

Then the Victorian Lady going for a walk in the park

And finally, who could do without the princess?


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