Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What we'll be eating :)

We do alot of eating in at our house :) During a time when alot of families find home-cooked meals a treat, our family finds eating out to be a rare treat :) Seriously, Joel and I might eat out once or twice a month together, and with the kids---less frequently than that. (Unless I'm out running errands and need to grab a quick bite for them or something, which does happen occasionally.) We are quite happy with this arrangement of things. Not only does it allow us to serve healthier food to our kids, but we enjoy the peace and quiet of sitting at our own dinner table, relaxing over our meal each and every evening. Some of our best conversations with Cosette and Eli happen as they eat their dinner! Noah has even joined us at the dinner table now, throwing his bites of bread around and babbling while we all eat.
So, with that said, I thought I'd share my menu plan with you all for this week. I do this each week, pretty much, and it helps me to not have that 4:00 panic session of "Oh no, what's for dinner tonight?" I like being prepared ahead of time :) I'll just give you the menu this week-maybe next week I can try actually linking to some recipes. By the way, many more moms are doing this menu planning too, and you can find their menus here. They all have their menus out by Monday, so I'm late in joining his week :)

Monday: Zucchini Lasagna, Salad, Crusty white bread (We all liked this lasagna, but decided it was nothing spectacular. I would make it again it I had extra zucchini or something)

Tuesday: BLT's with Kaymak dressing, tomato soup, chips and fruit with chocolate sauce for dessert. (This was good, except the kaymak dressing was a little too spicy for Cosette---it was a cream cheese, feta cheese, garlic spread, and she didn't paticularly like it.)

Wednesday: B-B-Q Grilled Chicken, Baked Potatos, and steamed squash/zucchini (Everybody enjoyed this meal)

Thursday: Sweet potato burritos, steamed broccoli and applesauce

Friday: Pizza and Root Beer (Well, Root Beer for the grown-ups. Cosette and Eli still think that soda is a 'big person' drink, which is fine with me!!)

Saturday: Creamed tuna over toast, frozen veggies with cheese

Sunday: Eating with family, take a salad

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