Thursday, May 07, 2009

Totally random

Thank you all for your kind (ahem, mostly kind) comments on my last post (Not mentioning any names, Mom ;) Don't worry, I'm not headed for the nut house, I was just feeling a little over-whelmed and needed to vent. Someday I'll get all those issues straightened out----probably when my children are grown and gone, as a few of you told me :) Until then, I'll just enjoy the crazy, um, 'craziness' of having three children four and under who love to wake up before the sun does ;)

Now, back to my regularly scheduled sane self :) Here are a few things I've been thinking about recently:

1.) Joel and I have been using "The Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes'' since Cosette was an infant. Well, we'd realized recently that we'd read through that with the kids who know how many times, and we were needing something new. And, we were really particular! It had to be more detailed, with more stories than our first one. The pictures had to be good and fun for Eli to look at! Well, I think we finally found our winner:

This is actually, I think, the 1996 version of this Bible for Children, and we bought the 2006 version, but I'm sure they're similar. We really like it so far. It includes many more stories than 'The Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes', and also goes into much more detail, so Cosette and Eli are learning alot! In our previous children's Bible, it might have one story on Solomon and who he was. This one will also include stories of Solomon asking for wisdom, Solomon building God's temple, Solomon disobeying God and marrying foreign wives, etc. So, it really was a good choice for the kids as they're getting older. It's also very accurate as far as sticking with Scripture, and Eli loves the pictures, which are very engaging for the children. The pictures are not as 'real to life' as in our previous children's Bible, but we don't mind. They're not 'cartoonish' or anything, just fun drawings of the stories. So there you have it---the book that we will be reading with our children every morning and evening for who knows how long in the future---until they're ready for something even more mature :) (Side Note: We'll probably still use "The Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes" with Noah until he is ready to join the older kids in a year or so. )


2. This is just a totally un-related thing that's been on my mind lately. Why is America super-sizing EVERYTHING? You can't even get a 'small' anymore! The 'small' is now actually 'medium', or vise versa, or whatever. Today while the kids and I were running errands, I decided to get them a treat and order an iced tea through Arby's. There 'small' was close to two dollars, and when the lady handed it to me, it looked anything but small! Cosette, Eli and I all sipped and slurped on it for a while, and we still had 1/3 of the cup left! Goodness, if I drank that much tea and caffeine by myself, I'd, well....never mind. When we do eat in a fast food restaurant, which is rare, Cosette and Eli can share a 'small' fry, and still have some left over to give to Mommy! :) Now, if they want to have these sizes available for people, fine, I'm not arguing that. But why can't they still offer the smaller sizes for those of us who don't want to eat a whole pound of potatoes with our lunch, or spend twice as much money to buy them?!

So there you have it, the way my brain works---from Bibles to fast food :)


Elizabeth said...

haha..the fast-food industry figures if they can make us all feel the need for "more" our stomachs will keep stretching and we'll keep buying more. I know, it's really not funny at all. I see kids that are really young and so obese and it's so SO sad! When I was kid, my mom had a garden, we ate fresh vegis and fruits all the time, small portions, played outside, and when we went to McDonalds it was a TREAT! Now people take their kids there INSTEAD of dinner, and let them play video-games instead of playing outside and burning their energy off and using their creative minds! What else can we say? I'm going to bed now...I'll probably have dreams now about fast-food because last night my dreams were REALLY messed up from the movie I watched before bed :) GOOD NIGHT!!

Appletree said...

Ha, and what seriously worries me is that Germany used to have "real" reasonable sizes for all and during the last five years they started to copy the US way...

I still wonder how anyone can drink a complete Starbuck's "small" coffee without bouncing off the walls later.


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