Thursday, May 14, 2009

How to make a wife happy.....

Why I love my man:

  • He lets me stick my ice-cold feet on his warm legs night after night after night. He never even complains about it. (Yeah, he jumps every once in a while, but only if he's sound asleep! Who wouldn't?)

  • He calls at lunch time 'just to say hi'.

  • I can send him a plain old peanut butter and jelly sandwich in his lunch box, and he'll say "Wow, that was a really filling lunch you sent today!" :)

  • He washed the dishes for me last night

  • He calls me 'Love'

  • He is putting up a new swing set for our kiddos

  • He never complains about my crazy, wiry, thick head of hair that constantly sheds all over the bathroom floor. He says it's 'beautiful'

  • He preaches awesome, inspired messages

  • He always compliments my cooking, and never complains about 'what's for dinner'

  • He sat down and read five chapters of Little House on the Prairie to Cosette tonight--he was reading until his voice was sore, and she kept begging for more!

  • He can carry in the entire grocery order in one trip. That's like six bags per arm! It takes me at least four trips to get it all in!

  • He is so 'consistent'--no, 'easy-going'--no, 'level-headed'---I'm not sure what the right word is. Maybe 'even-tempered?' He has never raised his voice at me or lost his temper, never. When I ripped a hole in the back of the bumper on our car last year, and the bumper was dangling to the ground, he simply said "Well, that's life. I'm glad you didn't hurt yourself." Even when I'm grumpy and irritable, he's always 'the same'. I guess you could say that he really does exemplify the idea of ''love your wife as Christ loved the church.''

So, men, do these things give you any ideas? Want to make your wife happy? Tell her that her hair is beautiful :) Surprise her and wash the dinner dishes. Impress her by carrying in all the groceries at once :) Next time she does something stupid like put a dent in the car, smile and say "Wow, honey, that makes the car look so much more interesting!" You never know, before long, she may be fixing your favorite brownies....;)


Jodi said...

I can never believe how many grocery bags my husband can carry at once either!!!

Very sweet list. :)

Anonymous said...

Oooooo... did you say something about brownies?! :)

You're too good to me love... I'm just lucky you didn't post the "bad" list. :)

Love ya'!



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