Saturday, May 16, 2009

Five weird things

I was just thinking about some of the weird 'idiosyncrasies' that make our family 'us'. You know, like the fun stuff that only your family knows, unless you have a blog ;) Here are a few of my favorites, starting with the eldest in our house:

  • Joel refuses to buy new clothing. Well, not really, but he hardly ever does. I tease him that the pack of colored T-shirts he bought before we were married are still his 'new' T-shirts :) I do, however, remember him buying a pack of new socks since we've been married.... :) There are some things, however, that I hope he never gets rid the green sweater he used to wear in high school that just made me fall head over heels in love with the guy!! :)

  • I'm a little bit of a germ freak. If my kids have been in the shopping cart at WalMart, I want them to scrub their hands. If they've been to Sunday School---I want them to scrub their hands! If they ...well, you get the picture. Sounds crazy, I know, but if you've ever been puked on by a two year old, you know that it's nice to avoid this at whatever cost....

  • Cosette often falls asleep on her bedroom floor. We have no idea why. We tuck her into her bed at night, and when we go to check on her later, she'll be sound asleep in the middle of the floor, with no pillow and no blanket. Go figure! We have to move her back to her bed!

  • Eli would eat bagels for breakfast every morning if I let him. Every morning! Oh, and when he puts an 'ewwy' in the potty, he jumps up, flings his arms open wide and says to me 'Ta Da!' ( I know, I know, for you non-parents out there, that one was a bit much....maybe I shouldn't do blog posts at midnight.... :) And let's hope my children don't read this post years from now....

  • And Noah....well.....I'm not sure he's old enough to have any weird habits. Oh no, wait, I remembered one. Since he was just a wee little thing, he has always pulled on my hair while nursing. He gets it all wrapped around his fingers, and then pulls and pulls to try to get it undone. OUCH! I've tried and tried many different ways to get him to stop, but nothing has worked. I guess he just likes the soothing comfort of rubbing Mommy's hair :)

And there you go. Five weird things about our family. Hope you laughed :)


Chuck said...

sounds like cosette is training to be a missionary
maybe get some dirt and straw and put it on the floor in her room

and then of course "de-germ" her
ha ha

Elizabeth said...

Oh my! Yes families do have their "unqiue" qualities :) I'm sure Eli is going to LOVE you if he ever reads this post when he's older :) That is very interesting about Cosette. you know they say laying on the floor is great for your back! Although I can't say if I slept on my floor I would feel very good when I woke up....these are the advantages of being 4 years old :)


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