Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The early morning visitor

Mama brushes her teeth, rubs the sleep from her eyes
Never knowing she's in for a great big surprise
She returns to her room for a sweater you see,
When she sees a big lump--Oh, what can it be?
Is it a monster, a boogey-man, a puppy to rub?
The little voice giggles, "Mama, it's Eli Jacob!"
"Oh Eli", I sigh, " I'm soooo glad it's you!"
You frightened your Mama to Timbucktoo!
I snuggle way under the covers with him,
And on his sweet face, I see a big grin
"Is Mommy's bed warm?" He affirms with a nod
And I think that he looks like a pea in the pod
Two big brown eyes peeking out at me,
Nothing more precious could ever, ever be!


Beverly said...

What a sweetheart!

Elizabeth said...

How sweet! Good job on the poem too :) You were a poet and didn't even know it :)

Chuck said...

excellent poem
beauty in simplicity


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