Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Why I love being a Mama

Sometimes, I feel so blessed. Okay, I am always blessed! And sometimes, certain moments around our house just make me smile. Here are a few I've caught in the past couple of days.

If the kids are outside playing, or Daddy
is working in the yard, this is where you'll
always find Noah. He bangs on the door
and 'talks' the whole time! Needless to say,
he loves it when he gets to go out too!

I was dusting the living room today, and turned
around to find this sweet moment happening.

Normally, Cosette feeds Noah his breakfast for
me and does a great job. This moring, however,
she was busy coloring and asked to be excused.
Eli jumped at the opportunity and begged me to
let him 'feed Noah all by myself, Mommy!'
I relented, mostly because I thought it might
make for a good picture opportunity, which it
did :) Noah was actually very patient, and
most of his breakfast ended up in his mouth ;)


Elizabeth said...

Oh my goodness! This is the first time I've seen pictures of Noah and he hasn't looked at all the way I remember him! I mean, he still looks like NOAH, but it's been a long time and he's starting to look like "a little boy" and not a baby :) I'm so glad I'll be seeing you this week and catching up before your children get much bigger!!! Also, congrats on the new play-ground!!! You even got ME excited!! :)

by the way, all of those pictures are adorable, but the one with Eli feeding Noah is so cute because you can really tell the brother resemblance :) and what were those...legs he was WALKING/STANDING ON? Is this the same baby that had just learned to hold his head up the last time I saw him?

Anonymous said...

Jaime, I love the picture of Noah standing at the door. I just love those chubby, yummy legs! Is he walking? I know he has been crawling for a while now. I love seeing pictures of your little ones - hopefully we can see them in person again sometime in the near future!

Anonymous said...
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