Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A story of fake repentance

A recent episode in the Curtis household:

Mommy: Cosette and Eli, would you please gather up the dirty laundry for mommy and bring the clean laundry from the dryer?

Eli: Okay, Mommy!

Cosette: *groan* But, I'm busy, mom!

Eli: Grunting and groaning as he pulls the basket up the stairs all by himself. "Wow, Mommy, 'at's hard work! I have'a work weal hard! "

Mommy: Thank you, Eli. Since you worked so hard and so happily, you may have a little piece of chocolate candy.

Cosette: May I have some too?

Mommy: No, Cosette, you did not help at all, and you grumbled and groaned.

Cosette: (sobbing) But MOOOOOmmmmy!! I really want some.

Mommy: Sorry, Cosette, and please go to your room until you're done crying.

Cosette: (A few minutes later) "Eli, I'm sorry I didn't help. It was all my fault. I should have helped! I'm sorry! Now may I have some candy, Mommy?

Mommy: (fighting back a laugh) Um, no, Cosette, you still may not have candy.

Cosette: Then I'm NOT sorry after all!

Oh my! A funny story, yes, but, sadly, all too true of Cosette sometimes. Eli seems to have his Daddy's easy-going, ready-to-forgive personality. He is quick to say he's sorry and mean it, and responds with genuine repentance to discipline. Cosette? Well, she doesn't have a huge problem or anything, but she does seem to be more easily angered and slow to forgive. Just a different personality, I guess, but still a negative character trait that she will have to learn to work through. We are glad we have recognized this, and are praying for her and helping her work through it. Just another challenge in the daily joys and struggles of raising children :)


Elizabeth said...

I have to admit that I laughed at this :) Cosette reminds me a bit of me....just pray she doesn't learn how to lie. I went through a little stage around 6-8 years old where I lied a lot, particularly when it was about something I knew I was going to be in DEEP trouble for.. And, I was terrible at it....that's probably why it was so short lived :) The good news is around age 10 I still had this bad streak in me BUT I learned the art of sincere repentance.

So, a short story that will maybe make you feel really good about your piano teaching this week. I had a piano student (one of my really good ones) come today. She did NOT want to do her Technique exercises (As usual). Add that on top of already being CONVINCED she was going to mess up in the recital Saturday (and let me make it known that she has the song MEMORIZED..hands alone and together!) and by the time we weren't even 1/2 way through the technique book assignment, she was crying, and moaning, and eventually balling her eyes out! Her mother and I had to just put the books away and say "you're done for the day. Come back to your next lesson (in a better mood) and we'll do it then"....I was glad that the following students DID NOT cry, as to assure myself that I'm REALLY NOT a mean teacher!!! :)

Chuck said...

a true and deep heart change and conversion for our children... that lofty goal is the only goal..God bless Joel and you as you "strive to enter the rest"


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