Thursday, April 16, 2009

Remembering Grandma

My soul hurts, as I remember...

  • her coming to pick me up from school one day because my new baby sister was on the way.

  • her love for the color purple

  • her dependable presence at all of my recitals, graduation, wedding, birth of my children, etc.

  • her love for a hot cup of tea, one flat teaspoon of sugar

  • her wonderfully clean, organized house

  • wrapping a blanket around her on the couch, because it was 'just so cold in here'; then, assuring her that it was actually 70 degrees!

  • seeing the happiness and pride in her eyes as she looked for the first time on each of her three great-grandchildren

  • the day she came up and took the kids for a nice long walk down the road so that I could get some things done.

  • the homemade cards she sent to my kids each month

  • playing games with her on lazy Sunday afternoons, like, apples to apples, scattegories, and scrabble. I remember that she always got the wrong letter in scattegories, but always beat everybody in scrabble.

  • the way she smelled---a nice smell, of course---like her clothes had just been freshly laundered in a sweet-smelling detergent

It is with heavy hearts that we mourn our own loss, yet, at the same time, rejoice at her new-found home with Jesus.

This week has been hard, and I'm missing my Grandma. Cosette asked tonight ''Can Grandma see us from heaven? If Jesus can, why not Grandma?" Sounds to me like another little girl is missing her Grandma too.........

We have the funeral and bury Grandma tomorrow. Well, just her body---the house that kept her soul safe for so many years. We will cry, we will mourn, we will find comfort in each other's company.

Wasn't I fortunate to have such a blessing for a Grandma?


Adam and Jen said...

I am so sorry for the loss of your Grandma. She was a wonderful lady. I am sorry for all the hurt that your family is going through right now. You all are in our thoughts and prayers and if you need anything, I'm here. Love ya.

Chuck said...

couldn't help but see a lot of rosina in cosette, the way she is with people just going up to them and meeting them and making everyone feel comfortable
i was glad you got up to share i know that it ws hard, and joel did such a good job i would like him to do my funeral, probably not anytime soon, but whenever!!

Elizabeth said...


I'm sorry that you are hurting right now and my prayers have been with you. I'm sure today was especially difficult. It was wonderful to be reminded of all the fond memories you have made with your grandmother. No one will be able to replace her in your life, but you will ALWAYS have those memories, and you'll always have the confidence of knowing that you WILL see her again someday. She's up there with my grandparents now, wondering what's taking the rest of us so long! :) Love you,


Jodi said...

A blessing indeed. :) What a great list of memories for you and your kids to have.

Anonymous said...

Oh Jaime, so sorry - sending a hug to you. This was such a loving list of precious thoughts about her.

How special must she have been, sending your kids a card each month - this is so amazing.

May you find a way for you and your family to remember her without it hurting too much.

Anonymous said...

We are so, so very sorry for the loss of your grandmother. I am sorry I am a little delayed in reading your blog, although Nonnie told me that she had passed away. I pray that you find comfort in each other and the memories that you will always have of her. It sounds like she was an amazing woman!

Beverly said...

I'm so sorry that I am just reading this. Praying for God's perfect peace for your family. She sounds like such a wonderful person. What a blessing to have a grandma such as she was. Love to you.

Marsha said...

Yes, you were wonderfully blessed with a grandma like Rosina and doubly blessed with your parents and Joel. I don't have too many memories of my grandmother because she lived out of town and passed away when I was rather young. You are truly blessed. My prayers are with your whole family. I, too, know my Mom is in a better place, but it still leaves a void in my that missing piece of a puzzle that the picture just is not complete without it.


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