Monday, April 27, 2009

Perfecting the 'honey-do' list

I recently read some negative things about the dreaded 'honey-do' list. The things I read spoke of wives who are constantly nagging, and husbands who do anything to avoid the chores on their 'honey-do' list.
I think that this is really sad! It seems like, in a good, functional marriage, this problem shouldn't exist! Now, I know Joel and I have only been married five years, so maybe I'm speaking too soon. But so far, it hasn't been an issue. Here's how our 'honey-do' lists work:

1. I notice something that needs repaired/fixed/bought, whatever. I go to Joel and say "Hey Love, have you noticed that ______ needs to be fixed? Do you think you'd have time to get to that anytime soon? Will a repair like that fit into our budget right now?

And if he says "Yes'' to both questions, I try to drop it. Then, whenever he can, he graciously takes care of whatever it was I asked him about. So, it's a two-fold process. First, I ask kindly and don't nag over and over. Secondly, if he says that yes, he can do it, he does :) He doesn't find ways to get out of it. If he's too busy at the time, he'll say something like "Yeah, but this week isn't really good because I have those meetings Tuesday and Thursday evenings. But I might be able to get to it next weekend." Case closed.

It's that simple. I pray for this kind of a wonderful husband for all of you ladies out there.....

Anyway, now on to the REAL reason for this post :) My poor husband got stuck with a BIG 'honey-do' list this spring. I didn't really mean to, but there were several things that needed to be done, that I couldn't do. So, we are really excited about some of the changes happening around our house this month....

1. Joel is building raised garden beds for me around the house. Actually, they're already done, they just need some good garden soil added to the top, and they'll be good to go. I'm so excited. I tried planting tomatos and peppers on my front porch last year in pots, but that soooo did not work out at all. I actually get a garden this year!

2. We are transforming our dining room into a dining/school room :) Joel is adding an entire wall of cork board and world/US maps, and a dry erase board. Then, he's building shelves above that to hold our school books/activities, etc.We thought about trying to make a school room in our rec room downstairs, but it's so much brighter and cheerier up here in the kitchen, so that's what we went with.

3. And, this is the fun thing. We are finally getting a swing set up in the backyard for the kids. We found a nice, pre-made one that fit nicely into our budget, so Joel's going to pick it up today. I think I'm more excited than the kids! It has swings and monkey bars, a slide, a rope/rock climbing area, a covered kid-size picnic table, and lots of climbing space. It's made of good wood and solid material and should last a long time.

SO, there you have it. My 'honey-do' list :) And it's not causing any arguments or tension in our house. In fact, Joel and I are excitedly watching each thing get finished. (Okay, okay, I watch excitedly from inside while I take care of the kids, and he works like a dog outside pounding wood and moving dirt......but hey, we're both happy :)

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