Thursday, April 09, 2009

Not safe anywhere

The baby, that is. He's not safe anywhere. At least, that's what I've concluded, in order to keep myself alert and always watching after him. Now, I like to pride myself in thinking that my house is a 'safe haven' for my children, but goodness, Noah has really had it rough lately! Here are a few examples....

A few weeks ago, Noah was in his bed taking a nap, and Cosette and I were sitting at the table while she was coloring. Eli was coloring too. However, I must have gotten distracted telling Cosette something, because I suddenly looked around, and Eli wasn't there anymore. Then I heard the baby crying. Assuming he was just waking up from his nap, I went to check him. I turned the door knob----locked!! Eli must have run back to the room and locked the door while I wasn't paying attention. Okay, no big deal, I thought. I grabbed the key from above the door and tried to unlock it. No luck. Well, long story short, I twisted and turned, and pushed and prodded, and begged and prayed, and could NOT get that door unlocked. Fortunately, Joel was in the office, just a few minutes down the road, and he came right home. *pop!* You know, that door opened right up for him! Go figure. Anyway, Noah was okay, just mad at having to wait for his lunch!

Fast forward a few weeks:

Noah was again having his morning nap, only this time in his 'big boy crib', in Cosette's room, which they are now sharing. I, assuming he was safe and sound, proceeded to make a quick phone call. When I was done, Eli came running to me with an empty cup, which had previously held peanuts. "Mommy, I shared some with Noah!" *gasp!!!* I RAN back to Noah's room, where I found him awake and smiling. There were peanuts spilled all over his floor around the crib. When I checked his mouth, he was happily munching on three peanut halves. I carefully cleaned them out and gave him a sip of water, and then I finally began breathing easier. Then, I reminded Eli how important it is to NEVER, NEVER, NEVER give Noah food!! Oh bother---I just can't let him out of my sight, even for a nap! Oh well, at least now we know Noah doesn't have any peanut allergies! ;) (Please don't ask me why I was letting my not-quite-three year old walk around with a cupful of peanuts while I was on the phone. Just one of those 'duh' moments, I assume)

Oh, and one more funny story, although this has to do with poor Eli, not Noah.

When Eli was sick last week, he was barely able to walk from his room to the bathroom. So, one night, I was carrying him, cradled like a baby in my arms. I was gently rocking him while I walked, and mumbling soothing words like only a Mommy can. He was laying in my arms, moaning pitifully. I was just telling him how sorry I was he was so sick, and walking around a corner when--THWACK!! I cracked his poor little head against a door frame. Joel looked up at me in surprise. "Was that his HEAD?" Poor little guy, he was too sick to even care, but I covered my face and moaned '' I am such a lousy motheeeerrrr!!!!"

So, I hope I have helped you all feel more confident with your parenting skills, now that you know what a goof I can be sometimes :)


Jenn @ Munchkin Land said...

Oh Jaime! I have those moments ALL the time!!

And I've often said that if Reagan survives her siblings, it will be a miracle. Devyn has become quite adept at picking Reagan up and walking around with her, even in spite of my warnings not to do that. =)

Motherhood... not for the faint of heart!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. I say all the time that I fear for poor Holly once she starts crawling. I am not sure how I am going to do it. I am not worried about Anna but it is Jack that I am concerned about. I wonder how I am going to keep Holly safe from him! Also, I wonder all the time about how many horrible things she is going to end up eating off my kitchen floor. Anna and Jack are so messy and there is always something on the floor no matter how often I sweep. It's good to know that I am not the only 'goof' out there.
(Are you going to Kelley's shower? If so, I look forward to seeing you there.)

Elizabeth said...

Well, no little children to lock into bedrooms BUT my mom did lock her bedroom door today...from the outside..oops!!! She tugged and tugged, picked and picked, grunted a bit, got me grunting too (I was already stressed anyways :) and eventually...AHA! IT opened! I had to share this because she was saying how "the door always opens when your father tries, right away!" which was funny cause you said Joel got home and opened it right least we know guys are good for a few, just kidding Joel :)

Anonymous said...

Another of your posts that made me laugh out loud. I guess our own parents were exactly like this and look: we survived :-)


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