Thursday, April 30, 2009

Looking Back...

Noah is learning to wave, and it is adorable. He waves to Daddy on his way to bed. He waves to Eli when he's eating his lunch. He looks up and waves to me while he's nursing. And my heart just about melts! His big, incredibly dark brown eyes, which he gets from his Daddy's side of the family--his head-full of dark brown hair, his olive colored complexion...he looks sooo much like his Daddy! He loves to snuggle in my arms and rub his little nose against my shoulder. As I smother him in kisses and whisper in his ear "Mommy loves you, Noah", he actually laughs out loud and looks delighted. He opens his mouth big and nibbles on my cheek---his way of giving a kiss, and it is MY turn to be delighted. We snuggle on the couch like this for several minutes---and my mind drifts back to just over a year ago.....

I was laying on the examination table, as the doctor slowly went over all the details of my ultrasound. This was not my normal midwife/OBGYN, we had traveled to a town about an hour away for a special level two ultrasound. We were there that day to check on the placement of my placenta, to see if it was still complete previa, and if I still needed to be on bedrest. However, as the doctor moved his little 'wand' around my stomach, I heard him murmur in concern. "Hmmm...something's not quite normal at the back of the babies head....too much surface area there....could be nothing, but it's often a sign of Down's Syndrome. I would recommend another test to determine for sure, and that way you can decide if you want to abort or not." My heart caught in my throat. I looked over at Joel for support. "Oh, no, we're not interested." The doctor didn't understand. "Well, most people opt to have this test, that way they can decide if they want to keep the baby or not." Joel tried again. "No, it wouldn't matter to us---either way, we want to keep the baby" And as I laid there, I wanted to cry. How sad that the very doctor who was supposed to be responsible for my health and my babies health, was suggesting the possible 'termination' of the pregnancy!

Well, you all probably know the ending of this story already. Noah does not have Down's Syndrome--but even if he did, it would have made no difference to us, we would have loved him anyway.

And as I sat on the couch tonight, cuddling him and marveling at his sweetness and what a gift from God he really is, my heart ached for all those who have followed a doctor's mis-guided words. For all of the women who will never have that sweet baby to cuddle in their arms. Do their hearts ache? Do they feel like someone's missing? As I held Noah, I almost felt angry at that doctor from over a year ago. Look at my sweet Noah boy now! What stupid advice that doctor was offering! But then, I had to forgive him, and realize that he is so very, very lost. A baby is precious, every single time...

Choose life---you will never regret it!!


Anonymous said...

When I read your post my mind also travels back a cardiologist's office and similar advice.
"Karen, you should terminate your pregnancy now and have your heart surgery. Then you and your husband can start your family"
I am glad you are here Jaime-girl and that God also gave me Wray and Kristin. Also, 26 years of 'good life' since then.
Yep, you,re right

Choose will nver regret it :):):)


Jodi said...

Wow...what a story. That doctor's response breaks my heart too, and makes me feel sick. What a blessing your sweet Noah is. He's adorable! Thanks for sharing today. :)

Elizabeth said...

I never heard this part of the story, about the possible down syndrome but the abortion part sounded a little familiar. Thank God for life, in all forms, for Noah,for you, for your other children and family members, and for the conviction of the Holy Spirit that I know intercedes on many other mother's hearts when they are faced with that horrible decision....if one can even call it that. AND, we should all definitely pray for those who HAVE made that horrible mistake, and that they too would find the truth in God, the truth about the sanctity of life, and peace to heal from their past.

Thanks for this post Jaime and it's already been said a million times but I'll say it agian, "yes, you DO have three BEAUTIFUL and BLESSED children :)

Marsha said...

I read your blog and thought about all those "lost" women who are not rooted in the Word, as you and Joel are, who when given this news, opt for the abortion and I think of how many perfect little ones who are aborted because of what a dr might think is wrong with a baby--makes me deeply sad.

Your little Noah is a precious little bundle! Praise God for the blessings in your life!

Appletree said...

"... we would have loved him anyway." - so true, Jaime and thanks for sharing the encouraging story. I wonder how many babies have been aborted because of fear and this is so unbelievable sad.

I loved to see this precious post right above the cute photo from Noah banging at your door :-)


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