Thursday, April 23, 2009

For the love of food....

I love good food. My husband would say "Don't we all??" But I don't know----I seem to have been 'blessed' with an overly-large abundance of 'good food loving' genes :) I always greatly anticipate a meal that I think is going to be really good! I remember during high school, if the rest of my family wasn't ready to eat lunch by 12:00 on the dot, I was about ready to fall over from 'hunger'---or so I thought :)

I love cooking good food for my family, and trying new foods and recipes. I think our family does fairly well, too, with keeping things pretty healthy. Since I just went grocery shopping last night, and have lots of interesting food to fix, I thought you might find it amusing to walk through a 'food day' at the Curtis household. By the way, this is what we all ate today (except for Noah, of course!) Cosette and Eli have always been expected to eat whatever is served to them, and they rarely, if ever, say they don't like something. So, drum roll, please.....


Today, breakfast was this new oatmeal that I just discovered on the shelf at WalMart. It has no sugar added, and is made with real grains, flaxseed and plant sterols. It had real blueberries in it, and, when mixed with a little milk, tasted like blueberries and cream. Yum! Cosette and Eli were going "Mmmm, Mommy, this is GOOD!", the whole time they were eating it.

We had a grapefruit and some pretzels for a snack mid-morning, because my children simply can't survive until lunch time without a snack ;)


For lunch, we tried this new whole wheat 'flat bread'. I usually make our own bread, but this looked too good to pass up. It was! I toasted it just a little, and made a sandwich out of mayo, homemade chicken salad, cheddar cheese, lettuce, and pickles. (Gotta have the pickles!!!) I looked over at Cosette's plate, and the whole sandwich was there. I looked over a few minutes later, and it was completely gone. So, thumbs up for this sandwich! We topped it off with a few pretzels, fresh strawberries, and one oreo cookie a piece :)


Well, dinner hasn't happened yet, but here's what's on the menu:

Spaghetti squash. When it's all cooked, it resembles strands of spaghetti. I usually serve it with marinara sauce and grated parmesan cheese. Sometimes I put cooked ground turkey into the sauce as well.

On the right, you see foccacia bread. It's like a chewy, thick bread with rosemary on top. We may eat it warmed up with butter, or I may make a balsmic-vinegar/olive oil dipping sauce for it, I haven't decided yet. We'll also add a green salad with baby peas to all of that.

For dessert, I made a fresh apple cake. Sorry, I don't have a picture, because it's not done yet :)
So, that's our food day. Not all days go this smoothly in the food category! Sometimes, we're heating up leftovers for lunch and having tuna helper for dinner! But, since today was a good day, I thought I'd share :) Are you HUNGRY yet?


Stephen, Sarah, Nora and Joseph said...

Wish I ate at your house today!!! Sounds super yummy :)

Elizabeth said...

Yup, I'm hungry now! The popcorn and coke from the movies doesn't sound nearly as good as what you had today!! :) IT's midnight don't need a snack right now!!! :)


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