Friday, April 24, 2009

A future cook

Eli loves to help Mama in the kitchen. Whenever he sees me at the counter making something, he pulls up a chair and begs to help. I think I may have a future cook on my hands :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Jaime! I was wondering if you still have your 'food blog'? I am in search of some new recipies. I couldn't find the link but maybe I was looking in the wrong place. My goal lately has been to cook at least two (often more) new recipies a week to try to add more variety to our weekly menu. It's actually been a bit frustrating though. Anna has become a little more picky at times and Jack will often just copy Anna. I know it is a phase and I am going to continue anyway.
Also, I am curious as to what you do on those few instances when the kids don't like what you have prepared for dinner. Usually I will not offer mine anything else because dinner is dinner. They accept that and don't complain. A few times I will give them yogurt or half a peanut butter sandwich but those occasions are rare. Just wondering what you do.
Ok, sorry this turned in to such a long comment. It is so good to know what other moms do.

Jaime said...

Kelly--Yes, I do still have my other blog, it'
I haven't updated it in a loooong time, but maybe you just gave me incentive to :) You might find some yummy stuff on there, I dunno.
Anyway, about your other question-
Both kids do have just a few foods that they 'always don't like'. Eli doesn't care for tomatos, for instance, and Cosette doesn't like spicy foods. On the occasions when we have these things, they're allowed to just not eat it, since I know they don't care for it. New foods--well, I ask them to eat at least three bites or so before they make a final judgement. Then, if they really don't like it (which is rare), they're allowed to just skip it, and most of the time there is enough other stuff for the meal that they just 'fill up' on that. Most of the time, though, if they can make it through those first two or three bites, they don't mind eating the rest. I do remember one time recently, though, when we were having something spicy for dinner that Cosette just didn't care for at all, so Joel allowed her to have a bowl of cereal for dinner :)
Hope that answers your question. I know it's always helpful to get ideas from other moms :)


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