Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Watch for falling objects

Long story short (okay, maybe not so short)----I was in a hurry this afternoon, trying to clean up the living room before we all had to leave. I was on my hands and knees, shoving the kids library books on the library shelf, trying to get them all to fit ( a hopeless task, but I was trying really hard!) Well, I have been known to be a little bit too much of a 'hurried' person sometimes, and today I paid for it. I had forgotten about a plaque I had sitting up on a higher shelf, and as I shoved the books on the lower shelf, that plaque was shaken off and the corner of it came crashing down on my head. This was a heavy, wooden plaque with sharp edges. As I had no clue it was coming, it caught me by huge surprise. I immediately grabbed my head and began moaning. Cosette, obviously concerned, came rushing over. "Are you okay, Mommy?" I pulled my hand from my head--yep, blood. I groaned. Um, I don't know. Go to your room, okay? Mommy will call you in a minute. She and Eli went back to their rooms, rather reluctantly, looking seriously concerned the whole way. I scooped Noah up and put him in his bouncer, and then headed to the bathroom, feeling a slight bit dizzy and with a thumping head. I looked in the mirror and was relieved to see that it was actually only a little tiny cut/bump, and shouldn't require much more than some ice, but boy was it hurting! I applied the ice and whined the whole time like the baby that I am, with my daughter calling out from her room "Mommy, are you sure you're okay??" (Honestly, I have no idea how I gave birth to three children with no pain meds when I can't even handle a little cut on my head!) When I finally got myself under control and my head stopped thumping so badly, I called the kids out and assured them that yes, mommy was fine, just really, really clutzy. Eli, however, was delighted to see that now Mommy had an 'owwie' on her head in exactly the same spot that he had a scrape on his!

So..........there are several lessons to learn from this story.

1. Don't be in such a hurry! (Or leave you living room dirty ;)
2. Either get fewer library books, or a bigger shelf
3. Don't store plaques with sharp corners up on high shelves (duh!)
4. Don't be such a baby---it's just a little blood!
5. If you must get an 'owwie', make sure it matches one on your kids body, as they will find this totally cool :)
5. And finally, always keep a blog, because it's a great place to record great stories like this :)


Adam and Jen said...

I was laughing really hard until I read that you were bleeding but when I found out it was just a little cut, I started laughing hard again. I'm sorry!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I have to admit, this post get's a price for entertainment :-) I think it is quite some experience for a kid to realise that Mom is not "supermom" but can need an icebag every now and then, too...


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