Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A thoughtful kind of week

I've been rather quiet on here this week. Life is good--just not much to say :) I'm spending my week enjoying a baby with the cutest little smile in the whole world. Cosette and I spent an entire afternoon making paper dolls. You know, not like the store bought ones, with purple hair and slinky dresses---these were real paper dolls, made out of felt and a stiff backing, with real, beautiful dresses made out of cotton. Cosette had a blast making them, and she loves them. It was a nice 'mommy-daughter' time. We all ate dinner together tonight at Bob Evans. It is a rare thing for us to eat out in a restaurant (especially with all the kids!), so it was a pretty 'special' thing for the kids. Joel and I had fun enjoying a leisurely dinner with them.

So, until I think of something more to say, or I get some cute photos ;), enjoy life, hug your kids (or your nieces and nephews, or your grandkids, or your cousins, or whatever),and live in the abundance of Christ!!

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Elizabeth said...

Again, the WVU pc showed more blog posts than the one at home! Whatever. I'm just glad I got to catch up before I head south!! Hope you have a wonderful week and I'll try to blow some of my warm weather your way while I'm gone!! :) p.s. say prayers for safe travels please. Mom and Dad leave for PA today and my mom will be at a women's retreat with good friends of ours. I'll be gone for Florida before they return. Can't wait to bring back pictures!! :) (oh, and we settled on Daytona Beach)


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