Sunday, March 08, 2009

Pictures and Videos :)

I'm at my parent's house right now to visit, so I'm taking advantage of their high-speed connection to down-load a bunch of pictures and videos :) Usually I don't have patience at our house to download this many!

A rare picture of Joel and I.

Eli's new hair-cut. Doesn't he look grown up?

These two adore each other!!

A video of Eli learning how to work his own buttons

Cosette feeding Noah. This is actually a really
big help for me!


Adam and Jen said...

Love the pictures and videos. Those kids are just too cute!

Elizabeth said...

diddo! Great pics and videos :) Eli definitely looks all grown up with the new hair cut :) thanks for the call tonight!!! talk to you again soon

Anonymous said...

Aaaawwwwh. It pays out all the time I come over here :-)

Hard to imagine that we once had to learn all those small things like buttons as well - and now we don't even think about this anymore.

Elise said...

Aw- Eli DOES look so big! Or, as Kevin and I are found of saying to our boys, "He looks like a real boy!" :)


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