Saturday, March 28, 2009

I'm sick of the devil and his antics!!

Please bear with me while I vent..

In the past, my family/children have all been fairly healthy. I could count on one hand the number of times they'd been sick to any severe degree. However, the past four weeks have totally thrown off that track record!!! First, it started around Valentines Day, when all three of them came down with ear infections, coughs, and upper respitory infections---enter antibiotics and such for ten days. Everybody was finally better.....Joel and I decided to go on a date--nothing big, just soup at Ruby Tuesdays and grocery shopping. Well, we get home that night, and wake up in the middle of the night with a severe stomach flu. It lasted for the entire weekend, and Cosette and Eli had it too. Everybody gets better from that. Then, Joel suggests that we take his newly-engaged brother and his fiance out to dinner one night. We settled on tonight. At the beginning of this week, Noah and Joel came down with head-colds. Oh no! I thought. When Joel gets a head cold, it usually develops into a fever, and chills, and being stuck on the couch for three evenings! So, I 'prayed them through it'! I did! I was so happy. I prayed and prayed, and both of them knocked those head colds right out, without much of anything. "Yes! My date night is going to happen after all!" Keep in mind, please, that I'm a stay at home mom with three little kids, I don't get out much except to go to the library and church (and maybe grocery shopping), and I was REALLY looking forward to tonight. I was even planning in my head what I was *gasp* going to 'dress up' in. ME?? Dress up?? Yep. Everything was going beautifully. Until last night at 11:30, when we heard Eli sobbing. He came running out of his bedroom, ran to me in the bathroom, where I was brushing my teeth, and threw his arms around me. I thought maybe he had a bad dream. But no. I figured out the truth when he suddenly, violently, threw up alllllllllll over me!! All over my shirt, my arm, the floor, the carpet, the toilet seat, and then, severely in the toilet. Yep. He's got 'rotavirus'---a severe intestinal disturbance. It mostly hits younger children and teens. The good news is, mostly every child gets it at least once, so by the time you're an adult, you're pretty much immune, which means that Joel and I shouldn't get much of anything, at least that's what we're praying! But, poor Eli, he was up all night throwing up what was left in his stomach, and he's had...well....other intestinal disturbances all morning. I've been trying to keep him hydrated with gatorade and popsicles, and Joel just went to get some Pedialyte. But.....we'll be quarantined for at least the next two days, till we see what other children are going to bite the dust! Please pray that Noah doesn't get it....this is really nasty stuff, and he's still so little! And pray for me! I'm trying to just 'take life as it comes', but this was really a disappointment for me! I've been looking forward to tonight for two weeks! Tonight, as it was supposed to be, was what was getting me through a tough week with some 'Cosette attitudes', being stuck at home, Noah's cold, Joel's cold...etc,etc. And now, I don't even GET tonight! Satan, BE GONE!!!! I am SICK of you!!

Okay, I think I'm done now, breathing a little easier, maybe :) Please, please, pray health into my family!!!


Anonymous said...

Consider it done!! I'm praying right now as I read your blog and type this message!! I'll be glad when Satan loses once and for all!!! Praying for healing for Eli, and a hedge of protection around Cosette and Noah Shaun. I love you guys--I wish I could be sick instead of Eli. Hang in there, and focus on all the Blessings that God has given Joel and you!! Love ya, Dad

Anonymous said...

Jaime, I will pray for all of you and really pray that everything will look better tomorrow. El looked so good Friday night who would have thought that this would happen to the little guy. Satan seems to be picking on the christian people, but then to come and think of it, he already has the sinful one's We just have to keep throwing the word at him. He hates that because he is afraid of Jesus christ and what's more, let's rebuke him right now. You know we have power over that little monster. G. Rosina


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