Friday, March 20, 2009

"Hear, my son, your father's instruction....."

I am very excited to be going to a big curriculum fair next month! I remember going to this same fair when I was a pre-teen/teenager with my own mom, wondering what curriculum she was going to pick out for me! I also remember walking around and looking at allllll the vendors with amazingly fun, interesting things for younger children, and thinking how I wished I had my own little person to buy some of that stuff for! Well, now I do :) It's probably a good thing that our 'education' budget is reasonably large, because I may have problems saying 'no' to some stuff! ;) Anyway, I'm hoping to find some bright, colorful things to help Eli get a good grasp of colors and numbers and letters, and hopefully some beginner math things for Cosette, as well as some 'easy reader' books, which she will soon be ready for. And who knows what other cool stuff I'll find! In the meantime, take a look at where our home-schooling has led us recently:

To Pakistan! Well, not literally :) This goes along with our Voice of the Martyr studies, which I mentioned in a previous post. We use their 'prisoner alert' notifications, and spend time praying for that person. This time it was a young girl in Pakistan. So, we've been praying for her each day. Cosette can also now identify Pakistan on a map, and knows some of the surrounding countries as well, and what the Pakistani flag looks like. She told my mom "You would just fly over the ocean till you get to the little purple country" *snicker!* The picture above is one that Cosette did. As I read to her info about Pakistan this morning, she was supposed to 'illustrate' it on her paper. I was really pleased with how she did. Click on the picture if you want a more close up version of her artwork :)
This is what I love about home-schooling----(not that I'm an expert at the 'teaching' part of it yet, having just started, but I was homeschooled myself :)---the ability to get a great idea, and go with it! Cosette happens to be slightly ahead and ready to read at four--great, go with it! Eli is a little slower on the reading/letters thing, but he LOVES hands on stuff like helping me in the kitchen, matching number cards, putting letters in a letter puzzle, painting, helping Daddy outside, etc. So, we go with that as well! And Noah--well, he's still learning how to drink out of a sippy cup ;)
We pray that we can please our Lord by making every day opportunities a chance for them to grow, learn, and develop not only their minds, but also their relationship with Him!

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