Thursday, March 19, 2009


When Cosette was first born, she had the wonderful blessing of being able to have two grandmothers, two grandfathers, four great grandmothers, four great grandfathers, and two great-great grandmothers. Wow! I think I counted everybody there :) When she was born, if I'm remembering correctly, eight of those grandparents were in the waiting room ready to see her! Unfortunately, several of them have passed on since then, but altogether, (counting 'greats'), my children still have eleven grandparents living! This is probably partly due to the fact that my grandmother was married young, my mom married young, and I was 21 when I got married---so the generations are 'young' all around! When referring to their grandparents, my children have to add on a name, just to differentiate which one they mean, like "Grandpa Curtis, or "Grandma Karen". One would think that with all these grandparents, my children would be spoiled like crazy! But, they're not :) Every single one of their grandparents knows the rules/values we have for them, and do a great job sticking with them! That is such a blessing. When I was sick the other weekend with the flu, Cosette spent two nights at my mom's house. When she came home, I found her crying in her bed. "I just can't get to sleep without Graaaaaandmaaaa!!!" I had to hug her and remind her that Mommy loves her just as much as Grandma :) Joel's mom had six children of her own, and she is an incredible help to me! I'm always going to her for advice or know-how on such and such a situation! Often times, I'll fix a meal and Cosette will say "That was really good, Mommy", to which I'll have to confess that it was one of Grandma Rhoda's recipes :) Anyway, my grandparents (my mom's parents) came up to visit the other night, and since I'm singing the praises of grandparents today, I thought I'd share a few pictures.

Having a tea party with Grandma Rosina

Reading a bedtime story with Pappy John

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