Thursday, February 05, 2009

Writing down memories for Eli

I have a very sweet, tender-hearted, two-year old little boy who keeps me on my toes! One minute I'm wondering how in the world he could have found yet something else to get into, and the very next minute, he has me in stitches. For example:
I sent him to the bathroom today to wash his hands. When I didn't see him for a few minutes, I went to check on him. He was carefully painting his fingernails pink!! He had managed to get six of them done before I got there and was looking at them admiringly. Oh my! I quickly explained to him that his Daddy would have an absolute fit if he saw him!
Later tonight, I was helping him put his pj's on, and I lost my balance and almost fell backwards on a little night-stand thing that he keeps some toys on. I caught myself, but Eli asked what had happened. ''Oh, Mommy lost her balance and fell." He replied: "Oh, where you fall mommy, on your butt?" (Pardon the use of a no-no word, but that's what he said!) "Um, yes, Eli" "Oh, I kiss it for you!" *grin*
It's times like those that just make me want to laugh and laugh! Then, there are the sweet times. Such as this prayer that he said at breakfast the other morning:
"Dear God, thank you for my bagel. Thank you for Mommy's bagel. Mommy my best friend!" We'll ignore the fact that on some days, Winnie the Pooh is also his best friend---on this morning, Mommy was his best friend :)
Or there was the day when I found him sitting at the table with his chin in his hands, looking sad. ''What' up, Bud?" "I miss my Daddy!" It was the middle of the workday, and apparently he was really missing Joel! I think it's sweet that when he talks about Joel, he always refers to him as 'my Daddy', not just 'Daddy'
He also thinks it's great fun to switch people's names around, and it drives Cosette nuts. Eli will look at me and say "Hi Cosette!", and then look at Cosette and say "Hi Aunt Kristin!" Oh, Cosette gets aggravated and usually refuses to play along, which just adds fuel to Eli's fire! I just get a kick out of the fact that he can understand a 'joke' like that at two years old!
He loves to ride his bike, go down the carpeted stair steps on his belly, and generally jump around on anything and everything--so his poor knees and legs are often all dried up or scabbed-up.
I know these things may seem mundane and normal to any other person, but to his Mama, they are things to be remembered! Someday I pray, my grown up boy will stand inches above his Mama, and I'll have these sweet memories to compare to the wonderful young man he will be. He'll sit at our table, proudly introducing us to his new girl-friend, and I'll remind him of the time he offered to kiss my owwie on my backside......or maybe not ;)


Joy said...

Oh, this is making me smile! I love that you wrote this down.

I can relate to the bruises and bumps and rough skin- my three boys keep me on my toes with that too! It amazes me how many bruises can cover that four inch space between knee and ankle. And the crazy jumping!

Next time you are having a super-rough day, come read this, and it'll help. Thanks for the smile tonight!

Anonymous said...

Aaaawhhhh :-) ... I just read the last four posts you wrote and I loved them all. Eli got me giggling as usual when you write about the ideas he gets. The pink fingernails were too funny I bet.

I love the view you have on your kids - embracing the past, present and the future in one and enjoying what you have.

Have a blessed Sunday!


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