Wednesday, February 18, 2009

When it rains, it pours

We have a sick household. Cosette has an ear infection and bronchitis, Eli has an ear infection and chest congestion, and Noah has two very infected ears and an upper respitory infection *sigh* So, that equals= three antibiotics, one container of ear drops, one box of cough medicine, infant tylenol and ibuprofin, to be alternated throughout the day, one bottle of saline nose drops, one baby nose syringe, one bottle of pedialyte, one humidifier for babies room, and a pump for the mama with the baby who won't nurse. *sigh again* Our children very rarely get sick, but when it rains, it pours.......
Did I read my Bible today? Nope. Did I get on the treadmill? Nope. Did I fix my hair or put on makeup? Nope. Did I get my cleaning done? Nope. Did I get my laundry done? Nope. Did I get my overdue books to the library? Nope. Did I return that phone call to a good friend? Nope. But, I did...

Administer medicine to three sick kiddos
Hold a tired, sick baby
Clean out that babies nose
Administer more medicine
Fix lunch
Clean out babies nose again
Hold baby
Administer more medicine....

You get the picture. Tomorrow, my goal is to maybe actually fix my hair and look like a human before my husband gets home. In the meantime, dinner is actually in the crock pot, and I'm glad that I can love my family, even through the 'bad times' :)

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Anonymous said...

Oh Jaime, I got that teriable Flu also. I went to the Doctor yesterday and got an Anti.....too.
I hope we all feel better by Sunday. At least we will have something in common. I am sure you have your hands full with three little ones. My prayers are being sent up for you as well as for Wray. Love, G. Rosina
P.S. We have Cosette's and Eli's gifts for Valentine's Day.


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