Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wednesday Beach letter

Dear Cosette and Eli,

Here are some video clips for you to watch that we took today. The one with Daddy and Noah on the beach is funny because at first, Daddy thought I was just taking a picture! The second video is just Daddy sitting in a restaurant drinking a smoothie (a smoothie is kind of like an Orange Julius :)

Here are some other funny things from our week so far.

1. Noah has been crawling all around and trying to pull himself up on stuff--but he keeps falling down and bumping into things, so he has some bruises and bumps on his face! Poor guy

2. Mommy realized today that I have eaten almost an entire jar of nacho cheese sauce all by myself this week--Daddy hasn't eaten any!! (No comment, Aunt Kristin)

3. The warm weather is so much nicer for Mommy's sore hands---they are not cracked or bleeding anymore! I can bend them and use them ever so much nicer!

4. Last night, Daddy beat Mommy at a game of chess, and this morning, he beat me at a game of Dutch Blitz.

5. This is how warm it is today--there was a lady in the Smoothie shop with shorts, a tank top and sandals on!! It will be hard for us to come back to winter coats and snow!

That's all for now. We love you guys, and will see you in a few days!

Daddy and Mommy


Anonymous said...

Notes from home:
1) Today it was 65---Wray is wearing shorts! All our snow is gone. Maybe you will come home to spring! Think positive.

2) We are soooo glad there were more words after the fifth word on your #4 :)

3) We are really tired of hearing Joel say, "Oh no! Boom!". It was replayed way too many times once Cosette learned to position the mouse and push.

4) Kristin misses Noah. Now, she misses Cosette and Eli too.

5) Yes we know the letter is for Cosette and Eli, but we like them too...we are easily entertained.

Your family

Beverly said...

Oh so sweet, Jaime. Sounds like you are having fun!!

Anonymous said...

I should not be reading Cosette and Eli's private letters, should I?

But I like them :-)

Hopefully you have a wonderful time!


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