Monday, February 09, 2009

This is a video of Joel playing 'blocks' with Noah right before bedtime last night. Watch Noah's expression carefully after he knocks over the blocks---it's priceless! I love it ;) I think he is enjoying the extra Mommy and Daddy time here at the beach.

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Elizabeth said...

Hi Jaime! Just a note to say I love your pictures, and the video :) and am glad you're having such a wonderful time at the beach! A lot has happened in the past few days already! I moved out of my apartment (which I think you heard about already) and yesterday my piano teacher had emergency surgery to have his gal-bladder removed! So, no piano lesson for me this week...which is very nice since I wasn't ready anyways!! If you have a moment and think of it, say a prayer for Dr. Amstutz to get better soon. We're so glad he got the help he needed and is home recovering! Anyways...I'm off to bed, at home, with MY cat, and no roomates...except mom and dad....ah, THIS is the life!! :) Love ya! :)


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