Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ramblings and nonsense, literally

"We hardly ever get sick." Do you all remember me saying this in a recent post? Well, one of you should have knocked me over the head and told me to be quiet! Because, soon after that post, we all got sick...again. Only this time, it was the flu. Thankfully, Cosette and Eli's only lasted a few hours, and they both seem to be up and going again. Joel and I, however, were pretty much knocked out for the day. Our symptoms were totally different from the kids---which makes Joel think that the two of us actually had food poisoning from a restaurant we ate in last night. I'm inclined to agree. Regardless, we were sick. Both of our eyes popped open last night at 2:00a.m., and we were up the rest of the night! I have never actually seen a person get green before--but Joel was quite green last night, it's not just an expression!! The kids spent the day at Grandma's house, and they're actually spending the night tonight too, because I'm just too exhausted to properly take care of them. I think the worst of it is over, though, because now I just feel weak and tired. Joel and I spent the day on the couch trying to re-hydrate ourselves and sleeping. Poor Joel has to preach tomorrow---pray for this man!
While waiting for my sister to come get Eli tonight, Joel was feeling significantly better and was sitting on the couch reading a book to him. I was watching Eli's little feet stick out over the edge of the couch as he looked intently at the pictures. He's such a precious little boy---I pray every day for patience and wisdom to be a good mama for him!
And Noah---well, let's just say that Noah loves to eat! While I was feeding him his rice cereal and baby food green beans tonight, he was practically jumping out of his seat for them! He gets so excited when he sees me mixing up his food.
And Cosette--well, what can I say? She's growing up! As I was helping poor sick Eli the other morning (he was the first of us to get sick), this is what she did ALL on her own---made my bed, picked up the toys in Eli's room, gathered all the dirty laundry and took it to the laundry room, and picked up the toys in the living room. I was so proud of her! Of course, she did ask if she could have some quarters to put in her piggy bank for all her hard work, but I didn't mind :) She is also learning (along with Eli as a 'helper'), to clear the table after dinner. Except for the occasional plate of food being spilled on the floor, they both do a good job!
Well, that's all my ramblings for now. I'm going to go nurse Noah (who stayed with me tonight, obviously), and hopefully get a good, long night's rest! I could use it.

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Anonymous said...

Oh poor you - even if I giggled a bit at seeing the label for your post... glad to see you haven't lost your humor in this.

Hope you will all get better very soon!


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