Monday, February 02, 2009

A poem, By Cosette

Cosette called me into the living room tonight after dinner and said she had something to 'read' to me that she had written. This is what she said:

My mommy is the best cook
She cooks the most yummiest food
She takes good care of her family as good as she knows how
She tries to keep us healthy so we won't die
But we'll all die someday

Then, she looked up at me with complete love in her eyes, and I had to swallow my laughter as to not hurt her feelings. I could tell that she wanted me to be impressed and greatly moved by it. I gave her a big hug and thanked her, but in my head I was thinking "Is it a poem? Or a prayer? And how can a poem/prayer that starts out about something as nice as food end with something as sad as death??" Good grief, I think my daughter has deeper thinking than I do!


Jodi said...

Okay, this made me laugh out loud multiple times. Because I read it multiple times. Hilarious!!!

Crystal Joy said...

That's such a riot! Oh, I laughed so hard.

Anonymous said...

A Poem? It most certainly is! (A much better 'poem' than was read at the inaugural for sure).

I don't want to get too philisophical here, but Cosette is becoming quite the evangelical eh? Appreciating the blessings of the here and now while understanding there is another inevitable kingdom coming that we do not dread. That's my girl.....:)

Adam and Jen said...

I love her poem. It's quite cute!

Anonymous said...

I tell you now that Great Grand- daughter of mine is full of suprises and I love the way she is so sincere when talking to you. She is certainly a child of the most high. She speaks the truth.
G. Rosina

Elizabeth said...

Wow, that was very enlightening and amusing! I'm at the WVU library and I laughed OUT loud ....oops...supposed to be quiet in the library! Oh well...we all need a good laugh now and then :) I'm sure Cosette will LOVE reading that again in about 10 years...Yes, it certainly was "from the heart" which makes it the best part of all :)


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