Sunday, February 01, 2009

Noah's six-month photo shoot

Okay, all you Grandma's and 'Noah lovers' out there-- Leave a comment and let me know if you'd like a print of one of these pictures, and what size :)

Also, I'd thought you'd enjoy a little trip down memory lane, so I'm re-posting one of Eli's six-month pictures, just for the fun of comparing the two boys and how much alike they are. You'll notice, though, that Eli had a good bit more hair at this age. However, Noah is already sitting up by himself and crawling, and Eli wasn't to that point yet in this picture! Both of my handsome boys on one page--I'm one proud mama! ;)
*Note: Remember, the following picture is ELI, not Noah :)


Anonymous said...

Jaime, I have a picture of Eli on my computer desk that looks like Noah. I would like to have a 5x7 of Noah who looks like he is on a bed looking at us laughing. I believe it is the first one you put on your blogsite. I want to put it beside Eli's picture.
Thank you so much,
G. Rosina

Elizabeth said...

Wow, I never realized how much alike they really looked!! It's hard to believe Eli looked like that and how big he is really do grow fast, don't they?! I love your 6 months pics of Noah. If you have any extras, I would like to keep one...if you don't I'll enjoy the blog though :) Oh, and either one would be fine...wallet size is fine...they are both adorable :)


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