Tuesday, February 24, 2009


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FOR TODAY: Tuesday, January 24, 2009

Outside my window... It is sunny and warm-looking, but I think it is actually very cold out there.

I am thinking...That I am so glad for the mom's Bible study that meets at my house. Although today it was more of a fellowship time, but that's okay! Adult conversation is always welcome around this house!

I am thankful for... My husband--always, always, always!

From the learning rooms... Cosette and I did a reading lesson this morning before the boys woke up. She is doing so well, and is really looking forward to being able to read books on her own. She's close! Eli wrote a perfect letter 'A' yesterday, which really impressed me.

From the kitchen... Cheeseburgers tonight! Well, Turkeyburgers to be more specific :)

I am wearing... Oh, wouldn't you like to know what I was wearing yesterday? It's much more interesting, because today it's just my comfy jeans and sweatshirt again!

I am creating...Clean cupboards in my house! The cleaning cupboard underneath my kitchen sink is done, and I am so tickled with it! Next, it's on to the hall closet, but that will be a much larger project....

I am going...nowhere in the near future, but I'm trying to figure out how to work a date night with my husband in some time soon :)

I am reading...Several books right now. I have a bad habit of doing that. I'm reading 'How to cook without a book', 'Journal for Jordan', and 'Acquired Tastes'. I'm not sure about that last one yet, whether or not I can recommend it, so don't go ordering it or anything ;)

I am hoping... To have dinner done tonight before my piano student gets here.

I am hearing... Nothing but the ringing in my ears. Always the ringing in my ears. You know how they now have lazer surgery to correct many eye-sight problems? Well, someday, someone is going to come up with something like that for people with hearing loss--hopefully before I'm old and gray!

Around the house... I purchased a really long feather duster the other day---Be Gone, corner cobwebs!

One of my favorite things... Watching the clock getting closer to 4:30. (When Joel gets home)

A few plans for the rest of the week: Go grocery shopping sometime, finish my books (or maybe just 'finish one of my books'?), and keep Eli safe from breaking anything or hurting himself :)

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Anonymous said...

I really like hearing about your day. Sorry to hear about the ringing in your ears. Not hearing is bad enough but the ringing would just about drive you banana's. I will pray for you much.
Love you, G. Rosina


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