Friday, February 20, 2009

Chuckles from the library

With three sick kids, we've spent most of the week at our house. Okay, ALL of the week, minus an hour trip to the doctor's office on Tuesday, and a 45 minute trip to the library today. I have seen nobody except my husband and children since....Monday. Oh, no, sorry, my mom stopped for twenty minutes the other morning. I just keep telling myself "My ministry is my family, My ministry is my family." Yeah. Some days I feel it more than others! Oh the 'other' days, I just make sure I have some extra chocolate chip cookies on hand :)
So, anyway, since the library was the highlight of today, I thought I'd share a few funny things that happened while we were there:

1. Eli brought me a book and asked me to read the book 'out loud' to him. I took it in my hands, and was mortified when I looked down and saw that it was called "What color is your underwear?" It was a kids book all about animals in their underwear, but still! I had quite a job convincing him that mommy would NOT be reading this book out loud in the library!

2. When I got up to the desk, we had a huge stack of books, as normal. I was over-seeing the checking out of the books, with one eye on my two older children, sitting in chairs beside the desk, and one eye on Noah, asleep in his car-seat beside me. An older lady was standing beside me and said ''Awww honey, do you have a daycare?" *snicker!*

3. When we were finally finished, I had to get two toddlers out the door, a baby in a car-seat, my purse, a HUGE bag of heavy books, and a smaller grocery sack full of books. The librarian looked at me in sympathy and said "Oh, and, um, I'll help you to your car!" When I thanked her, she said 'Don't worry about it, I have kids too...had kids...mine aren't this small anymore...of course, there were never this many....or this close together....but anyway!" LOL


Beverly said...

Number two is so funny! I can't believe someone asked you if you were running a daycare!! I hope the sickies leave your home soon.

Anonymous said...

Number one is so funny. Did you bring the Library book home with you and read it to Eli?
G. Rosina

Jaime said...

Yes, I did ;)


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