Thursday, February 26, 2009

Blog moments and Venting

Sometimes something will happen in our house, and Joel or I will say "That's a blog post!" Well, this morning was one of those times...

I came out to the kitchen this morning, and Joel and Cosette were already up. I gave Joel a hug and said " I just had the most horrible dream! I dreamed that the government was making a mandatory draft (is that redundant?) and you were being shipped off to Iraq!" Cosette, listening in, said " That would be okay, Mommy, we could all go to 'the rock' and go fishing!" :) I guess she misunderstood me ;)

Also, just a little venting here. My kids have all been sick pretty much since I got back from North Carolina. I have hardly been anywhere in the past two weeks. I have spent nearly every day at home, taking care of sick kids and dishing out medicine and antibiotics. I've felt like I've been punished for going on vacation! Well, yesterday things were looking up. Everybody was feeling better, Noah was on his last day of antibiotics, and my sister VOLUNTEERED to babysit tomorrow night! She said Joel and I could have a date, and she'd watch the kids. Oh, let me think..yes!!! Bless her heart! It was all looking just swell...until this morning, when Eli woke up throwing up. *groan!* I just about cried (Okay, I did!) How much more of this can I take? I was seriously pitying myself. Well, it's 2:30 right now, and so far, no more throwing up, either from Eli or anybody else. I have my fingers crossed that it was just something he ate, and everybody else will be fine! 'Cause I really don't want to deal with another round of illness so soon, and, I REALLY want, no, need, to go on that date with Joel tomorrow! Say a little prayer :)

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Anonymous said...

I will pray for you tonight and let me know how Eli is.
G. Rosina


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