Monday, January 05, 2009

You'll laugh too!

Just to make you start your New Year off with a smile....

Mommy: Eli, Mommy has a headache.
Eli: Oh, have a 'ead-ache mommy?
Mommy: Yes
Eli: Where, in your belly?

Mommy: Oh dear Eli, Mommy just dropped your new dry underwear right down in the potty!
Eli: Wow, day weally wet, mommy!

Mommy: Cosette, do you know what's in this chicken that's good for you?
Cosette: Um, fiber?

Eli: What's dis, Mommy?
Mommy: Oh, that's cucumber and dip.
Eli:(making a face) I no like cucumber
Mommy: Yes you do, Eli, it's yummy.
Eli: (now smiling), Oh, okay, mommy!(and he gobbled it up!)

Jaime to Joel while in the van: Well, I guess the Christmas get togethers will be over after tonight
Eli, from the back of the van, in tears: No, Mommy, NO, Mis-mas not done!

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