Wednesday, January 07, 2009

What I delighted in today

.....peanutbutter cookies with chocolate on top

.....watching Eli eat an entire soft taco at Taco Bell and hardly spilling any

.....Being inside and warm with candles and hot tea while the wind is just howling away outside

.....starting some New Year Bible memory with Joel

.....making some progress on all of those picture files on my computer

.....spending time with my sister

....watching old home movies of the kids

....when Eli hugged me after his bath, all wrapped up in his towel and said "Get me warm, Mommy!"

....scheduling a lunch date with a good friend

What I did NOT delight in today

.....walking all over the WalMart grocery store just to find Velveeta cheese.....only to never find it!

.... Carrying the groceries to the house in the rain dry, cracked hands which were looking so much better just a few days ago!!

....the spaghetti sauce on Cosette's new pink pants

But hey, the good far out-weighs the bad :)


Elise said...

I know - what is the deal? Velveeta cheese is so not where it is supposed to be. If I remember correctly, I'm thinking the pasta aisle? And if not, maybe with the Hispanic foods.

Glad you're delighting in the important things! (((you)))

Anonymous said...

What a life! I bet you enjoy every minute of it. This is called making memories. Walmart may not even sell velveeta cheese..ha ha ha
G. Rosina


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