Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wednesday Daybook

I can't seem to get this up by Monday's, so just call this my "Wednesday Daybook" ;) By the way, go here to see the original Daybook blog.

FOR TODAY January 28, 2009

Outside my window...It is the perfect day to be sitting here typing at my computer, because the snow is just pelting down outside! It's beautiful.

I am thinking... That I can't wait until Joel gets home

I am thankful for... the fact that my mom is home and feeling much better

From the learning rooms... Cosette read this sentence yesterday: "I am sad". I was so proud of her! She is doing really well with her new reading lessons book

From the kitchen... There are homemade granola bars cooling on the counter, and I am planning on a simple yet tasty dinner.

I am wearing... Blue Jeans, my favorite striped socks, a gray and white striped shirt, and my hair down.

I am creating...a clean, cozy, nice house to spend a cold evening in.

I am nurse my baby as soon as I'm done here.

I am reading... Steve Martin's book "Born Standing Up" Mostly just because I think he's so funny

I am hoping...That the church meeting is cancelled tonight---I don't feel like going out in this weather, and I don't want to be left here alone without Joel

I am hearing... Noah waking up from his nap.

Around the house... Eli broke the wooden frame of his window today. But then again, not many days go by that something is not broken around here...

One of my favorite things... A cup of hot tea. I never thought I'd say that!

A few plans for the rest of the week: Do more reading lessons with Cosette, find a place to store all my finished photo albums, go to the library


Anonymous said...

Ha - I was just thinking to check the library for that book. I'll wait till you return it. The last time I borrowed a libray book from you, I lost the book for weeks. (well, actually, I believe your children lost the book for me but that is a technicality :) ) Sounds like you had a nice Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you had an amazing Wednesday. You must be related to me. I baked 93 Waffle cookies, made two batches of Chocolate covered Rice Krispies ( which is one of Joel's favorite's I think? They will be brought to your Mom's Super Bowel night. Also worked on laundry and my greeting card's. So glad I don't have a baby to nurse, ha ha ha. Love Ya! G. Rosina

Elizabeth said...

Congrats on finishing the photo albums!! You finished that project fast!!! Oh, and thanks to Rosina (this is Joel's mom..right? for reminding me that Sunday is superbowl sunday...that gives me incentive to get off the internet and go work on my paper/project/presentation for Tuesday so I can have a bit of fun this weekend!! :)



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