Sunday, January 11, 2009

Some Mommy bragging

This post is all about Noah because....well......he's so sweet, and I'm his mommy, and I'm allowed to do a whole post about him :) He has turned out to be my snuggliest baby yet---he loves cuddling up on my lap and rubbing his little nose on my shirt. He's also been my 'earliest' baby so far---the earliest to smile, the earliest to roll over, the earliest to crawl. I guess that comes from having two older siblings to learn things from! (Well, he's not really coordinated with his crawling yet, but he can definitely get from point 'A' to point 'B' :) Here are some recent pictures:

My sleeping little man. ( It was really warm
in our house this day! )

Don't you just love this hat? His Aunt Alicia
made it for him, and I can't get over how sweet
it is!

Having fun on Grandma's lap (Joel's mom)
at Cosette's birthday party.

And here he is showing off some of his new 'crawling' tricks.


Anonymous said...

Isn't he just about the sweetest baby in the whole world.
G. Rosina

Adam and Jen said...

Noah is beautiful just like the rest of your children! In one of the pictures, he looks like he is ready to play leapfrog! :)


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