Thursday, January 15, 2009

Out of the mouth of babes...

Mommy: Eli, guess what! We got alot of snow last night. Do you think you and Cosette would like to go outside today to play in it?

Eli: (With a huge grin) Yes, Mommy!

Mommy: Well, it's pretty cold out there. You guys will have to dress warmly.

Eli: Yeah mommy, I wear my bathing suit.

Mommy:(Hiding a smile) I think you mean your snow suit, Eli :)

Mommy: Cosette, What is wrong with your eye?

Cosette: I dunno

Mommy: Well, why is it all red? Does it itch?

Cosette: No

Mommy: Were you rubbing it?

Cosette: No

Mommy: Well then, what.....oh, wait a minute. Let me see your fingers too.

They were bright red too, just like her eyes......the culprit? A washable red marker. Apparently, she had 'painted' her fingernails red with the marker, and then rubbed her eye. Oh my!

Cosette: (Holding a baby doll) Look at my new baby, mommy!

Mommy: Oh, she's nice, Cosette

Cosette: Guess what I named her!

Mommy: What did you name her?

Cosette: Julie Andrews!

Can you tell that her favorite movie right now is Sound of Music?


Elizabeth said...

I love the new pictures of Noah. And, I can't believe he's crawling already!!!(sticking lip out :(....I'm enjoying the new posts with the little facts and updates and also the sayings were hilarious! Poor poor Julie Andrews!! Oh well :) I had a 6 year old student ask me today if I had seen the new "Barbie movie!" I had to say no but smiled at her innocence that EVERYONE must think (at least in her little world) that it's just the best movie ever! I love kids :)

Elizabeth said...

I thought you would like to know that reading your blogs is one way I'm "relaxing" the night before my more good thing about keeping a blog!! My old piano teacher called me tonight (Dr. Raad) because we're going to visit her tomorrow evening. She informed me that when she was young, the night before a recital her father took her to "the fights"...I about cracked up! You would have to meet this eccentric teacher some day...she's such a sweet lady, and you NEVER know what's going to come out of her mouth next!! She's probably almost 80 or so now. Well...back to the piano for some more RACH-MAN-IN-OV!!!! :)


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