Saturday, January 17, 2009

Noah's first cereal

Since I know you all read this blog mainly for info on my kids, I don't mind sharing the tiniest little details of their lives :) Tonight, Noah had his first rice cereal! (Isn't that so exciting? ;) He did really well with it. He made kind of a funny face with the first bite, but after that, he had no problems with it, and was quickly opening his mouth for more! He was just like a baby bird. Cosette wanted to feed him so badly! It was hard for her to sit and watch me do it!
Funny, when Cosette had her first cereal, I promptly went into the living room and had a good cry. Why, I don't know. Maybe because my baby was 'growing up', or something. But with Noah, we all just encouraged him on, took a few pictures and recordings, and then went on with the evening. Proof that this Mama is a little less up-tight with her third baby :) Here are some pictures of Noah enjoying his cereal.


Elizabeth said...

MMM...he sure makes it look yummy!! Bet you're a proud Mommy :)

Jodi said...'ve been doing the same things we've been doing! Maizie's been a little more reluctant with cereal than Noah has. :) Cute pics!


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