Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Just typing out my thoughts

The Good Things:

  • We had a 'picnic' today for lunch in Cosette's bedroom (mostly because I had scrubbed my kitchen floor and wanted to keep it clean and free of food!) The kids loved it. I loved seeing them enjoy it, but didn't have much room for stretching out my legs on our 'picnic'. Hey, at least there were no ants!

  • Cosette played outside today and made snow angels. Eli couldn't go out because he's getting over a cough, and so Cosette brought a really pretty icesicle to the door for him to hold. He kept calling it his 'popsicle'

  • I got 0ne more years worth of pictures put into the album. Only two more years to go until I'm caught up to the present! Yay!!!

  • Joel ordered a New American Standard version Bible on Amazon today, so now we'll be memorizing in the same version :) ( I just got an NAS Bible for my birthday in October, and love it! Previously, we had both been memorizing in NKJ)

  • Noah seems to love his rice cereal.

Things requiring more grace....

Bulleted List

  • The chicken took a half hour longer to cook than the recipe said it would. I had four hungry people patiently waiting for their dinner....

  • Right around 5:00, I was trying to bring Cosette in from outside and get her warmed up, convince Noah to nurse, take Eli potty, start getting dinner in the oven, and giving a piano lesson in five minutes. Needless to say, I was quite frazzled when Joel got home.

  • I dumped the entire pitcher of water on my kitchen floor. (Oh well, at least the floor is doubly clean now!)

  • Noah is cutting another tooth, and so he wouldn't nurse again all day. Arrghh! That is soooo frustrating!

  • While I was in the bedroom today after lunch trying to get Noah to nurse, Eli climbed up on the bathroom sink, and pulled out my makeup from the cupboard. He then rubbed it all over the sink, spilled it in the sink, and smeared it all over himself. *sigh* When I found some on Cosette later too, she said "But I wasn't doing anything bad, Mommy, I just wanted to see how it worked!"

And that was my day, for any of you interested enough to read this far!


Elizabeth said...

I just played "catch up" on your blogs...I've been away from computers mostly for the last few days. So, I love the new picture, all except Cosette's little face...which I honestly thought was a marker or makeup spot until I read the blog about the goodness!! Second, loved the story about the marker spots in Eli's ear...and felt sorry for you at the same time. and OH!! I love the new pic. of Noah in his little tan jumper/onesy thing (whaetver they call those :) He's very always...and so are the other two.. I just can't believe they are getting bigger and looking older so fast...hang in there through the winter and try not to go crazy :) Hope to see you again some time soon :)

Chuck said...

the NASB Is the MOST literal
true to the original version
out there
Good Job Joel
I like you even more now!!


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