Friday, January 16, 2009

The beautiful concept of 'home'...

I visited my mom on Tuesday afternoon, and at 3:30, returned home....and I didn't leave again until Friday afternoon at 4:00. Literally. I didn't even step foot outside my front door once. A bitter cold spell has hit our area, and I have had no desire to go out into it with three little kiddos in tow. Yes, I was starting to go a little stir-crazy, thus the trip to WalMart tonight. But mostly, we drank aloooot of hot chocolate, read alot of books, and got caught up on a bunch of little things around here that have needed done lately. And, I thought, how blessed I am to be able to stay at home with my children. And not stay at home as in, always running around here and there, so busy that we're hardly ever home. No, we really do stay at home, most days. I know this would be financially difficult for many of you moms reading my blog right now, so don't take offense, please. I'm just saying that, if at all possible, it does seem to be the best arrangement for families. I was thinking how much I would have missed the past three days had I not been here:

  • We have been memorizing the Fruit of the Spirit for our family memory passage with the kids. Well, Cosette hasn't had a problem, but it's a little more difficult for Eli, who's language skills aren't quite there yet. However, today he quoted "Da fuit of da Spirit is Wuv, Doy, peace, patience, 'indness, doodness, Fatefullness......Yes, he got the first seven, and I was so proud of him! (It's even cuter to hear him say it than to read my attempts at typing his pronunciations!)

  • Noah has just been changing with leaps and bounds this week---another tooth, in the top, he's definitely crawling now, and he can sit straight up all by himself!

  • Cosette and I are working through the book "Teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons" I know it sounds cliche, and I've only worked through the first few lessons with her, but----I think I'm going to highly recommend this book! It's based solely on reading by phonics, and so far, it's more understandable to the child than other phonics programs I'm familiar with. She really seems to be catching on. I'll let you know in a few weeks if I still hold the same opinion of the curriculum! Today, as we started her lesson, she wrapped her arms around me and said "Thank you for teaching me to read, Mommy!"

Also, by being home with them all the time, we can establish a routine, which seems to be good for the kids. For instance, they know that every morning after breakfast is Bible story and memory verse time. 9:30 is twenty minutes of movie while mommy takes a shower :) 10:30 is quiet times in their rooms. 2:00 is nap time, 7:30 is bedtime. It's the same way, day after day after day.

So anyway, I guess all that was just to encourage you to spend as much time with your children as possible. They need you, and the peaceful life you can offer them, more than anything. What's that saying?

The days are long, but the years are short

or something like that :)

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Anonymous said...

What a heartwarming post again, Jaime! Sometimes reading this feels like being invited at your home. :-)

How precious that you started reading lessons with Cosette. My Mom taught me to read when I was four years old (I really wanted it, since I saw my Mom reading all the time and wanted it too) and I think it is one of the greatest things she ever did, since I never stopped reading from that time on.


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