Sunday, January 04, 2009

The End, Or, Christmas is over, back to real life, or Everybody breathe!

We have been enjoying the holiday season like crazy people for the past two weeks! Between my family and Joel's, plus Cosette's birthday, we've had family get-together's most days all of Christmas! And, we've loved every minute of it. It was great getting to see out-of-town relatives from both our families, enjoy time with family and friends, watch the kids open presents, eat an incredible amount of fantastic food......
But now, we return to normal. We had our last 'get together' this afternoon, and tomorrow starts life as we know it. So, what is life in January going to look like for the Curtis family?
Well, Joel will be busy back at work, and I've got to try to get back to that treadmill thing they call 'exercising'---I've kind of forgotten it over the holidays :/ I will be working with Cosette on some new reading curriculums---she's soooo close to just shooting off and reading on her own! She's very ready, and I think a little bit of hard work now that the holidays are over will get her over the last bump. (Don't get me wrong, I'm not like forcing her to learn to read or anything---she's just very ready, and realllllly wants to! I simply want to encourage her.) And, I'm going to finally bite the bullet and teach Eli his colors. I've been trying forever to teach him, but this child has just resisted it. Just when I think he's got it, I'll hold up a red crayon and he'll declare with glee ''Green, Mommy!" *sigh* But, he's closer to three now than two, and I really think he needs to learn those colors, so that is my main goal with Eli and the month of January---get those colors down! :)
And me? Well, we just bought a new laptop computer, and I'm loving it! I'm also going to be trying to sort through the last few years of pictures on our computer, get them printed and in albums---a verrrry daunting task! I also have lots of new recipes I'd like to try out on my family, as usual :) I'll be giving just a few piano lessons, and starting on that book list from my last post.
So, I suppose this is my Happy New Year post! I'll be hopefully putting up some new pictures sometime this week. Hope you all are doing well and enjoying 2009.

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