Thursday, January 29, 2009

Being picky

Is it just me, or are some children's videos really...offensive?

I generally take my children to the library once a week, during which time we pick out new books, CD's to listen to, and each child is allowed to pick out two movies. Well, Joel and I are generally very picky about what our kids watch. However, there have been several times where I've checked out a video that a child has brought to me, looked over the cover, etc, and declared it acceptable.....only to find out later that it really isn't! It just goes to show you, you can't even judge a video by it's cover :) I remember one time I picked out a video for Eli that was supposed to be all about construction vehicles, which I thought he'd have fun watching. However, upon putting it in the VCR, we realized that the little kids on the movie did some kind of 'hocus pocus' thing to magically transport them to the construction sites. *groan!!* Is it just me, or do other parents not really want their kids watching this kind of thing either? Or, there was the time when Cosette was watching a Dora movie, and I found out it had a witch and magic in it. *Groan again!* And here I thought Dora was fine! Now, we don't let our kids watch movies too often anyway, but when they do, I want them to be watching something wholesome and edifying.

So, drum roll, please........ here is my official list of movies that Joel and I have (so far) deemed acceptable for our children. Grant it, I have not watched every single episode in the different series, I'm simply saying that what I've seen of these things so far, is acceptable.

1. Anything Max Lucado--"Children's Christmas Treasury", the "Hermie'' movies, etc.

2. Veggie Tales---Eli loves to sing the 'Thankful Heart' song from the 'Madame Blueberry' episode

3. Thomas the Train--good movies with good morals and values

4. Jay Jay the Jet Plane

5. The 'Caillou' PBS series (I haven't seen all of any of these, but what I've paid attention to seems fine)

6. The Sound of Music (Cosette loves this movie, although the ending does get just a little bit scary)

7. 'Gerbert'---This is an older children's series that Joel's parents have at their house, and my kids always seem to enjoy it.

8. The Beginner's Bible series

9. Bob the Builder--A little man who goes around finding ways to help his friends build things (although we have only seen one in this series)

I'm sure there's others that I'm missing or can't think of at the moment. Please, comment and leave your ideas for other good children's videos that you know of. We try to stay away from Disney 'princess' movies and that type of thing. However, there are some Disney movies that Cosette enjoys, like Lady and the Tramp.

I'll be interested to hear your opinions....


Chuck said...

Caillou whines quite a bit and the writers seems very politically correct, you will notice it if you watch closely

Jaime said...

Oh dear, there goes another one on my 'no no' list :)

Anonymous said...

You are really right - I realise this whenever I check Children's books.

I suppose that the Great Britain Series Paddington the Bear is totally fine - at least all that I saw were OK and very suitable for small kids.
Oh, and I love Shaun the Sheep. There are about two sequels how might not want to show your kids, but all others are hilariously funny, also for grown ups.

I am a bit "behind" with reading blogs, but I am at yours at least once a week :-)

Elizabeth said...

Well, from what I can remember from my child-hood, two of my favorites were: 1) Curious George... I looooved Curious George as a kid. 2)"The Teddy Bear's Have Their Picnic" or the title is similar to that. A little girl has a LOT of teddy bears and, when she leaves her room, the bears come to life and they have a teddy bear picnic party :) It's very cute and my mom used to put it on for me a lot when I was getting ready for nap time, or when I was sick. I'm obviously not as in touch with recent ones as you are, as I obviously have no reason to be, but those were 2 thumbs up movies/series for me :) Oh yeah, and Madeline...which I enjoyed the book even more than the movie


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