Sunday, December 28, 2008

Smiley Faces--vote now!

Okay, Joel and I both created a smiley snack for the kids. I'm not going to tell you who created which one---now, your job is to vote for your favorite smiley snack! Leave your vote in my comments. Sorry the second one is sideways---you'll have to look at it with your head all crooked :)


Elizabeth said...

Ok, I hope I'm comparing the smiley with the green pepper slices with the one with bananas...cause the two in each set look VERY similar! I like both but I'll vote for the banana one...cause I LOVE bananas :) One question. What are the eye-brows made with in #1 (with the peppers)...#2 was red grapes, right? GOOD JOB YOU TWO!! THAT's THE WAY TO GET THEM TO EAT HEALTHY! :)

Chuck said...

green shows more freedom
yellow shows more organization and discipline
i like freedom better so i will go


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