Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Reminding myself

I am a stay-at-home-mom. Sometimes it doesn't feel very glamorous. Sometimes, I wonder if any other job on earth requires as much multi-tasking. After all, who else has all this on their mind at the same time---put food in oven, change baby's diaper, answer phone, take two-year old potty, spin salad, put laundry in dryer, nurse baby, put clean sheats on bed---??? Sometimes I feel over-whelmed.

But then, I remind myself.

I'm making these chicken enchiladas, and when my daughter grows up, maybe she will remember back with fondness on her mom's yummy food.

I'm folding this laundry---and my husband will appreciate clean and folded clothes when he gets home.

I'm sitting here nursing this baby---and he'll be stronger and healthier because of it.

I'm stopping my work to read a book to Eli---and I'll forever remember his sweet touch as he wraps his arms around me.

Yes, this is my home, alot to take care of---but I have a wonderful husband who walks in that door every evening, and he's mine to love and spend time with.

The work is never-ending, folks, but the rewards.......they're out of this world!!!

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N&A said...

Finally able to catch up a bit on your blog - I've really missed talking with you, but it looks like we're both in the same boat with the craziness of family and life. Reading this post was just the encouragement I needed tonight. It's been a rough week or so, and I've been crying quite a bit... feeling pretty certain God made a mistake by making me a mom. Well, things are a lot better now, and this post gave me the extra boost needed. Anyway.. have a wonderful Christmas! Your kids are getting so big, and even more beautiful than before! Blessings!


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