Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My baby girl is four...

Well, actually, she turned four two days ago, I'm just late in doing this post :) I can't believe it was already four years ago today that we brought her home from the hospital-- all seven pounds and three ounces of her :) She had fair skin, like me, a small amount of blond hair, and the prettiest little blue eyes, which she must have inherited from one of her grandparents! And in four years, my little baby girl has turned into a big girl who is learning to read, loves to make cookies, and has a memory like I've never seen. She also told me the other day that "I'm a Christian too, you know, Mama." What else could a parent ask for? Happy Birthday, my sweet Cosette girl! You've made your mama and daddy so happy the past four years!!

1 comment:

Chuck said...

such LIFE in this girl!!
nurture her, protect her.
Praise God for her


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