Thursday, December 18, 2008

Luke 2

Cosette and Eli have been working on memorizing part of the Christmas story out of Luke this Advent season. I tried to record Cosette saying it tonight in front of our tree. This is not her best 'performance' of it, as she was preoccupied with watching Noah on the couch, and was jumping around a bit,but, you'll still get the idea :) It blesses my heart every time I hear it!



Elizabeth said...

Just letting you know I got back windshield-wiper broke on 68....again!!!Anyways, Nick got home safely too. Enjoying this time with our family together. I had so much fun with you and the kids today!!! Cosette's video is so sweet...too bad I couldn't stick around a little longer and watch it "live" :) Hope you had a great time this evening and that Cosette wasn't too disapointed when she woke up and saw I was gone....tell her "soon after the new year, I'll come again!! :) Thanks again

Jodi said...

How sweet!!! Wonderful job, Cosette!

Beverly said...

Cosette is darling. It was so touching to hear her recite the Christmas story. Love to you!

Anonymous said...

Jaime I will pray for you and also Eli's teeth to come in. I don't know if that is a good idea or not as Noah might start to bite.(OUCH)
Cosette never ceases to amaze me with the knowledge she has for God's word.
G. Rosina


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