Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Eli is my darling. (Hey, if you're a little boy, and only two years old, you're still allowed to be your mama's 'darling!') Anyway, that little guy just wins my heart over. Yes, he is crazy curious sometimes, and yes, sometimes he is naughty and mischievious. What little boy isn't? But the majority of the time, he's my precious little man.
I love to hear him talk. His vocabulary is progressing so nicely. However, I must admit that sometimes I still have a hard time understanding what he's saying, especially if it's a long sentence. Cosette seems to be the only person who can understand him all of the time. Picture this:

My mom and I were sitting talking at the kitchen table recently, and Eli came running over to us. He looked rather frantic, and said this whole sentence pretty quickly. Hmmm.... "Um, what did you say, Eli? Can you repeat that?" So he did. The exact same way. I had no clue. I looked to my mom. She frowned. "Say it again for Grandma, Eli" So he did. The exact same way. Oh dear. Neither of us had any idea what he was saying, and he was being pretty persistant about it. So, we called over Cosette. "Cosette, what is Eli saying?" He repeated the sentence, the exact same way, and Cosette said: "Oh, he says that Noah needs a spit rag. " We turned around, and Noah did indeed need a spit rag!! How did Cosette know what Eli was saying?? We have no idea....

Here's some funny things he's said lately (that I could actually understand!!)

  • I no need nap mommy. Noah need nap!
  • I have popsicle mommy? (This was his answer to "What do you want for breakfast, Eli?" :)
  • I wook hansum, Mommy? ( Do I look handsome, Mommy?)
  • I go to Grandma's. Just me. No Cohette. (That's how he says her name)

Oh, and a typical conversation with him will sound something like this:

Eli: What's that, Mommy?

Me: That's a picture of a kangaroo, Eli

Eli: Why?

Me: Because that's what kind of animal it is

Eli: Why?

Me: Because that's the way God made it

Eli: Why?

Me: Because he likes hopping animals

Eli: Why?

I think you get the picture :)


Elizabeth said...

haha :) You should ask Eli what he is wearing sometime...and then when he answers you just keep asking "why?" this could get interesting...or could just result in an extremely perplexed look from your two year old :)

Anonymous said...

I agree with Elizabeth.hahaha
G. Rosina


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