Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas 2008

Some highlights from our Christmas so far....

  • Joel and I have never purchased a board game for each other as a gift. However, this year, we both bought each other a game! How funny is that?

  • When asked whose birthday we celebrate at Christmas time, Eli replied 'Adam and Eve'. LOL!No, I haven't neglected to teach my son the Christmas story, I think what happened is that he kept hearing us talk about Christmas EVE, and that must have made Adam and Eve get stuck in his head. Oh my!

  • I played my cello with a music ensemble at church for Christmas Eve--a cello, keyboard, viola, and a couple of alto/sopranao recorders. However, it must have been windy that night, because the electricity kept blinking and turning off our keyboard, right in the middle of the music! At one point, the keyboard turned back on, playing a nice arrangement of a drum solo!! (Yes, that was right in the middle of a song too! :)

  • My brother and Dad volunteered to work Christmas morning to allow other employees with small children to have the morning off. However, they were both still able to make it to our house in time for lunch!

  • My parents purchased a small bike with training wheels on it for Eli for Christmas. A few weeks ago, I was at their house with just my children (to use their computer, I think), and Cosette and Eli were going to take a nap in Grandma's room. I went back to check her room, to make sure there wasn't Christmas gifts out, and when I turned around, there sat Eli, in my mom's walk-in-closet, sitting on his new bike! I about swallowed my gum!! I said "Um, Eli, let's get off that now and go get a snack!!", hoping he'd forget he had even seen the bike. (Hey, he's only two!) He was happy to oblige, and when we returned to Grandma's room, he said, "Hey, where'd da bike go?" I had hidden it in my mother's shower---the only place I thought he wouldn't find it again. My mother said she found it quite amusing later when she found a bike in the shower!! ( And in case you're wondering, Eli was still thrilled to see his bike again on Christmas day!)

  • My sister gave me a picture frame that says "Having a sister means having a life-long friend', and then put three different photos in it---one when she was newborn and I was holding her, one when we were both just small, and one that was taken just this past Thanksgiving. What a special gift!

And those are our Christmas high-lights so far....hope you all are having a blessed and joyful Christmas as you celebrate our Lord!

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Elizabeth said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas! Isn't keeping secrets hard??? Especially a tricycle!! I remember when year when I was around 8 or 9 years old, I was SO excited to tell my mom what I got her that it finally accidentally slipped out! I think it was a pair of slippers. She was so sad to taught me in the future to just avoid talking about ANYTHING present related, and I would be safe :) HAPPY (early) NEW YEAR and talk to you soon :)


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