Saturday, December 06, 2008


  • clutter picked up and toys put away--check
  • dishes put away, dishwasher emptied--check
  • two older children bathed--check
  • diaper bag packed--check
  • clothes picked out for the morning--check
  • frozen casserole thawing in fridge--check
  • husband working on sermon--check
  • baby bathed--um, nope

Well, seven out of eight isn't bad! What in the world was that list, by the way? It was my 'getting ready for Sunday morning' list. Tomorrow morning, Joel wakes up by five, in order to have quiet time with his sermon before everybody else is up. I am up by six, to have quiet time by myself, eat breakfast, and nurse Noah before I head out the door to be at church by 7:30 a.m. Joel will stay at home and get the kids ready while I have worship team practice until 9:00. I'll have a half hour to go back home and pick up Joel and the kids before Sunday School at 9:30. I'll sit and nurse Noah again in the nursery while the kids have Sunday School. Then, I play keyboard for the worship service while Joel sits with the kids, then we flip-flop, and I sit with the kids while he preaches :)

Sooooo.....the above list is necessary, in order to keep our Sunday mornings as calm, peaceful, and worshipful as is utterly possible in the midst of all the other things. My heart totally goes out to all you pastor's wives who do this kind of thing every Sunday...Sunday after Sunday :) I have gained much more respect and appreciation for the Pastor's family since my husband started preaching....

Now, if I get my cute little baby boy bathed, my checklist will be complete....


Elizabeth said...


I'm so happy you posted a new blog! I've been in my apartment all day and spent over half of it on this take-home final. I was really hoping for something to read on your site to get my mind off this for a bit. It's almost 11pm and I still have the 4 page max. essay to type...but at least the first half is done!! Have a wonderful sabbath day of rest and be careful on the roads!! My church might be cancelled tomorrow morning because the roads are that bad...I was stuck in my apartment today which gave me the opportunty to finish this one class tonight...yey!! :)Oh, and if church IS cancelled tomorrow, I might go to my old church I miss here in Morgantown and see old friends! :)

Jodi said...

Oh guys have that down to a science! Good job, mama. :)

Jenn @ Munchkin Land said...

Here's to hoping that you had a pleasant Sunday. =)

Chuck said...

that is one list that is very necessary, it is so very important to strive for a stress free sunday morning and although it requires work and preparation, it can happen, good list
good job

Anonymous said...

The Lord said " Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it." You and Joel sure are doing a great job. Really enjoyed Joel's message on Sunday the 5th.
G. Rosina
P.S. I like the part where Eli crushed the Christmas ball in his hand to see what it was made of. Thankful he didn't get cut. Mom took care of the cleaning up though.
cleaning up the mess.


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