Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My baby girl is four...

Well, actually, she turned four two days ago, I'm just late in doing this post :) I can't believe it was already four years ago today that we brought her home from the hospital-- all seven pounds and three ounces of her :) She had fair skin, like me, a small amount of blond hair, and the prettiest little blue eyes, which she must have inherited from one of her grandparents! And in four years, my little baby girl has turned into a big girl who is learning to read, loves to make cookies, and has a memory like I've never seen. She also told me the other day that "I'm a Christian too, you know, Mama." What else could a parent ask for? Happy Birthday, my sweet Cosette girl! You've made your mama and daddy so happy the past four years!!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Smiley Faces--vote now!

Okay, Joel and I both created a smiley snack for the kids. I'm not going to tell you who created which one---now, your job is to vote for your favorite smiley snack! Leave your vote in my comments. Sorry the second one is sideways---you'll have to look at it with your head all crooked :)

Christmas pictures

My grandfather opening the gift Eli

made for him

Noah hanging with Uncle Wray

Cosette opening her new 'real' camera

Eli opening his gift Christmas Eve

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas 2008

Some highlights from our Christmas so far....

  • Joel and I have never purchased a board game for each other as a gift. However, this year, we both bought each other a game! How funny is that?

  • When asked whose birthday we celebrate at Christmas time, Eli replied 'Adam and Eve'. LOL!No, I haven't neglected to teach my son the Christmas story, I think what happened is that he kept hearing us talk about Christmas EVE, and that must have made Adam and Eve get stuck in his head. Oh my!

  • I played my cello with a music ensemble at church for Christmas Eve--a cello, keyboard, viola, and a couple of alto/sopranao recorders. However, it must have been windy that night, because the electricity kept blinking and turning off our keyboard, right in the middle of the music! At one point, the keyboard turned back on, playing a nice arrangement of a drum solo!! (Yes, that was right in the middle of a song too! :)

  • My brother and Dad volunteered to work Christmas morning to allow other employees with small children to have the morning off. However, they were both still able to make it to our house in time for lunch!

  • My parents purchased a small bike with training wheels on it for Eli for Christmas. A few weeks ago, I was at their house with just my children (to use their computer, I think), and Cosette and Eli were going to take a nap in Grandma's room. I went back to check her room, to make sure there wasn't Christmas gifts out, and when I turned around, there sat Eli, in my mom's walk-in-closet, sitting on his new bike! I about swallowed my gum!! I said "Um, Eli, let's get off that now and go get a snack!!", hoping he'd forget he had even seen the bike. (Hey, he's only two!) He was happy to oblige, and when we returned to Grandma's room, he said, "Hey, where'd da bike go?" I had hidden it in my mother's shower---the only place I thought he wouldn't find it again. My mother said she found it quite amusing later when she found a bike in the shower!! ( And in case you're wondering, Eli was still thrilled to see his bike again on Christmas day!)

  • My sister gave me a picture frame that says "Having a sister means having a life-long friend', and then put three different photos in it---one when she was newborn and I was holding her, one when we were both just small, and one that was taken just this past Thanksgiving. What a special gift!

And those are our Christmas high-lights so far....hope you all are having a blessed and joyful Christmas as you celebrate our Lord!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

'From our family to yours...'

I'm thanking God this Christmas for the blessing of my beautiful family.
(And don't worry, all you Grandmas and relatives out there.....we have copies of this for you at Christmas too :)

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Tempted, but not giving up

Today I came closer to abandoning the whole nursing thing than I ever have. And that's saying alot. Anyone who knows me knows that I am totally dedicated to nursing my babies. However, today, I just wanted to say "Somebody feed that baby a bottle, please, and let me get on with my life!!" But I didn't, and I will perservere. But, oh, what a difficult day we had....

For the past few days, Noah has been on a 'nursing strike'. He refuses to eat on schedule, and when he does eat, it's hardly anything at all. I discovered why today---he has two teeth popping through in the bottom of his mouth. Well, that answers that question. And most of you are probably saying "So, what's the big deal? He'll eat when he's hungry, right?" For a bottle-fed baby, yes, it would be ' no big deal'. But, we nurse exclusively, and let me tell you, this IS a big deal! You see, Noah will cry to nurse, I'll sit down and get all situated to nurse, and then he'll either not nurse at all, or nurse just long enough to bring my milk in, and then cry to be put down! So, I have two options. 1.) Ignore this, and go on with my day. However, if I do this, I will end up stuffed full of all the milk he does not want, sore, in pain, and with possible infections. Yuck. Not fun, been there before... or, 2.) Use the nursing pump to get rid of all the unwanted milk. Needless to say, I have gone with option two! But, it's not fun. For one thing, it makes me feel like a cow. For another thing, it takes that crazy little pump forever! So, Eli's crying and needs mommy....forget it, she's pumping. Cosette needs help with something, where's mommy? Oh, she's pumping.......again!
I am this close to losing my mind, folks. A mind is a very nice thing to have, I'd rather not lose mine! Pray for me! Pray that Noah suddenly regains his appetite, that his two little teeth pop through reallllllly quickly, and that we can get back on our nice little convenient nursing schedule! Christmas is coming up soon, and I'd like to be sane for it...... ;)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Luke 2

Cosette and Eli have been working on memorizing part of the Christmas story out of Luke this Advent season. I tried to record Cosette saying it tonight in front of our tree. This is not her best 'performance' of it, as she was preoccupied with watching Noah on the couch, and was jumping around a bit,but, you'll still get the idea :) It blesses my heart every time I hear it!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I gave my sister her Christmas present today...

...but, before you start patting me on the back for being early, let me clarify. I did give my sister her gift today----late. Yes, very, very, late. You see, last Christmas, my gift to Kristin was a 'day out' together, with no kids, shopping, meal, that kind of thing. But then, a few weeks later, I was on bed-rest. Then, soon after that, I had a new-born nursing baby that I couldn't leave. And, the year just kind of slipped away from me. Soooo....
Noah is finally old enough for me to leave for a few hours, and Kristin and I decided it was HIGH time to have a day out together. After all, better late than never, right?
We had a fun time, too! We ate delicious food at Apple Bee's, we looked around the mall, and she even humored me while I shopped in GoodWill. (For those of you who don't know me, I'm dangerous in that store! I just can't pass up a good bargain. I walk around saying things loudly like "Look, look, this exact same shirt was just $47.00 in Bon Ton!! I'm getting it for three dollars! Ha!" NO, Kristin did not pretend to not know me :) She even graciously followed me around, and suggested that maybe I could look for a wider color variety in shirts than just brown. (Hey, style is not my gifting! :)
But, unfortunately, the fun time is at an end, and tomorrow, it's back to being 'mom'. I have a house to clean, laundry to catch up on, a baby to nurse, food to fix, etc. I'd like to catch up on my work so that I can enjoy the festivities of the week of Christmas! Joel and I are really enjoying watching our children enjoy it this year! By the way, Cosette has been working hard to memorize part of the Christmas story this Advent, and I'm hoping to post a video of that in the very near future..... stay tuned :)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

December 13th....five years later

Five years, Love--Happy Anniversary!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Promised pictures

Just getting some pictures off of my camera..

This smile gets me every time!
Have you ever seen anything sweeter??

Helping to set up the nativity

Putting the marshmallows on
Christmas cookies

Noah is able to sit up by himself in the corner
of the couch now. He's also rolling over
both ways and rocking back and forth
on his hands and knees.

Aunt Kristin helping Eli with a splinter.

Me and Kristin. Yes, I know, my baby sister
is now a good three inches taller than me!!

First step in pie making--smash the pecans!

Second step: Taste test it!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Pictures to come

It has been a wet, rainy day here, and I have nothing really interesting or thought-provoking to post about. However, I do have some pictures to share, hopefully sometime in the near future...

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Reminding myself

I am a stay-at-home-mom. Sometimes it doesn't feel very glamorous. Sometimes, I wonder if any other job on earth requires as much multi-tasking. After all, who else has all this on their mind at the same time---put food in oven, change baby's diaper, answer phone, take two-year old potty, spin salad, put laundry in dryer, nurse baby, put clean sheats on bed---??? Sometimes I feel over-whelmed.

But then, I remind myself.

I'm making these chicken enchiladas, and when my daughter grows up, maybe she will remember back with fondness on her mom's yummy food.

I'm folding this laundry---and my husband will appreciate clean and folded clothes when he gets home.

I'm sitting here nursing this baby---and he'll be stronger and healthier because of it.

I'm stopping my work to read a book to Eli---and I'll forever remember his sweet touch as he wraps his arms around me.

Yes, this is my home, alot to take care of---but I have a wonderful husband who walks in that door every evening, and he's mine to love and spend time with.

The work is never-ending, folks, but the rewards.......they're out of this world!!!

Sunday, December 07, 2008

From left to right....

Me and Noah, My mom and my sister. The three of us (minus Noah), enjoyed dinner tonight at Ruby Tuesdays---except we skipped dinner and ate an appetizer and dessert :) What a treat---to have a whole hour and a half with my mom and sister, and no children. We haven't had a nice, un-interrupted conversation like that for a looooong time :)

Saturday, December 06, 2008


  • clutter picked up and toys put away--check
  • dishes put away, dishwasher emptied--check
  • two older children bathed--check
  • diaper bag packed--check
  • clothes picked out for the morning--check
  • frozen casserole thawing in fridge--check
  • husband working on sermon--check
  • baby bathed--um, nope

Well, seven out of eight isn't bad! What in the world was that list, by the way? It was my 'getting ready for Sunday morning' list. Tomorrow morning, Joel wakes up by five, in order to have quiet time with his sermon before everybody else is up. I am up by six, to have quiet time by myself, eat breakfast, and nurse Noah before I head out the door to be at church by 7:30 a.m. Joel will stay at home and get the kids ready while I have worship team practice until 9:00. I'll have a half hour to go back home and pick up Joel and the kids before Sunday School at 9:30. I'll sit and nurse Noah again in the nursery while the kids have Sunday School. Then, I play keyboard for the worship service while Joel sits with the kids, then we flip-flop, and I sit with the kids while he preaches :)

Sooooo.....the above list is necessary, in order to keep our Sunday mornings as calm, peaceful, and worshipful as is utterly possible in the midst of all the other things. My heart totally goes out to all you pastor's wives who do this kind of thing every Sunday...Sunday after Sunday :) I have gained much more respect and appreciation for the Pastor's family since my husband started preaching....

Now, if I get my cute little baby boy bathed, my checklist will be complete....

Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Eli is my darling. (Hey, if you're a little boy, and only two years old, you're still allowed to be your mama's 'darling!') Anyway, that little guy just wins my heart over. Yes, he is crazy curious sometimes, and yes, sometimes he is naughty and mischievious. What little boy isn't? But the majority of the time, he's my precious little man.
I love to hear him talk. His vocabulary is progressing so nicely. However, I must admit that sometimes I still have a hard time understanding what he's saying, especially if it's a long sentence. Cosette seems to be the only person who can understand him all of the time. Picture this:

My mom and I were sitting talking at the kitchen table recently, and Eli came running over to us. He looked rather frantic, and said this whole sentence pretty quickly. Hmmm.... "Um, what did you say, Eli? Can you repeat that?" So he did. The exact same way. I had no clue. I looked to my mom. She frowned. "Say it again for Grandma, Eli" So he did. The exact same way. Oh dear. Neither of us had any idea what he was saying, and he was being pretty persistant about it. So, we called over Cosette. "Cosette, what is Eli saying?" He repeated the sentence, the exact same way, and Cosette said: "Oh, he says that Noah needs a spit rag. " We turned around, and Noah did indeed need a spit rag!! How did Cosette know what Eli was saying?? We have no idea....

Here's some funny things he's said lately (that I could actually understand!!)

  • I no need nap mommy. Noah need nap!
  • I have popsicle mommy? (This was his answer to "What do you want for breakfast, Eli?" :)
  • I wook hansum, Mommy? ( Do I look handsome, Mommy?)
  • I go to Grandma's. Just me. No Cohette. (That's how he says her name)

Oh, and a typical conversation with him will sound something like this:

Eli: What's that, Mommy?

Me: That's a picture of a kangaroo, Eli

Eli: Why?

Me: Because that's what kind of animal it is

Eli: Why?

Me: Because that's the way God made it

Eli: Why?

Me: Because he likes hopping animals

Eli: Why?

I think you get the picture :)


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