Friday, November 21, 2008

Snapshots of our week

This is Eli and George. (George is the monkey
on his back. ) When we first bought this monkey
for Eli, he looked at it in delight and said "Is that
George, Mommy?" I guess he meant George
the monkey from the Curious George Books.
Anyway, George became a quick and much-loved
member of our family. He goes with Eli everywhere
now--to church, to Grandma's house, to the store...
they're in-seperable :)

This is my sweet Cosette girl at her first dentist
appointment this week. She wasn't scared a bit,
and did a fantastic job. Her biggest problem was
that she couldn't stop talking long enough to let
the dentist clean her teeth ;)

She followed directions very well.

This is nothing very exciting, but it is a clip

of my sweet Noah boy. He is rolling over now,

and pushing himself up on his hands and knees.

(Sorry, he can't sing his ABC's or count yet like

Eli can ;)


Elizabeth said...

I enjoyed the pictures and video of Noah.. I'm so happy Cosette wasn't scared one bit! I thought even with her bright personality there might still be a chance that she wouldn't like it. But I'm happy to hear she loved it! See you soon...can't wait :)

Elizabeth said...

Ok, so I already left a comment but I just have to say this. Eli is soooo cute with his monkey :) He will have to meet Muligan when I visit Tuesday...he's MY monkey..and he has a story :)


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